3 Amazing ZYN pouches!

3 Amazing ZYN pouches! Number 3 will shock you!

3 Amazing ZYN pouches! Number 3 will shock you!

ZYN pouches, the Swedish innovation from SWEDISH MATCH, were launched in 2014. It started out in California. The people on the West coast were thrilled by ZYN pouches and a successful journey had begun. Now, six years later, ZYN pouches are available more or less all over the US. ZYN has really rocked the scene for nicotine in the US and also helped a lot of guys quit smoking using ZYN instead.

Well, first some short words about us. SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE is an e-commerce store where we sell SWEDISH SNUS with and without tobacco. Here you will find a broad and varied assortment of portion and loose traditional SWEDISH SNUS, i.e dip tobacco and chew tobacco. Swedes has been using and manufacturing snus for over more than 500 years.  It´s fair to say that Snus is an identity badge for Swedes. More than 12.5% of the population are using snus. Sweden has very few smokers and one of the lowest rate of lung cancer in the world. Everybody in our place, has used Swedish snus for many years back and some of us has started to pick up the habit to use ZYN pouches as well.

1 ZYN Cool Mint [ZYN flavors number 1 in my opinion]

One of the earliest ZYN flavors is ZYN Cool Mint. But, in my opinion, it´s still my number 1 choice. Perhaps I´m old fashioned and maybe stubborn as well, but ZYN Cool Mint is still my favorite. The real traditional taste of mint with a cooling feeling.The ZYN Slim Cool Mint is extra strong – it contains more nicotine than the other ZYN Slim variants. It refreshes with intense but soft peppermint and biting, cooling aftertaste.

ZYN Slim Cool Mint Extra Strong

2 ZYN Ginger Blood Orange [ZYN flavors number 2 in my opinion]

Launched a couple of years ago, ZYN Ginger Blood Orange has become very popular. Especially women like it, but perhaps that´s why I like ZYN Ginger Blood Orange🙂

A light character with distinct elements of ginger, blood orange and Pomeranian. All this is combined to become really soft and full with a musty taste and a clear heat with sweet touch

ZYN Ginger Blood Orange

3 ZYN Deep Freeze [ZYN flavors that will shock you!)

I told you. Number 3 would shock you! ZYN Deep Freeze. ZYN Deep Freeze is not like other products in the ZYN series. It is the most extreme product in the series and the white bags combine cooling and taste in a cocktail you have not been to before. The result is called The Deep Freeze Effect. Like other ZYN products, ZYN Deep Freeze contains no tobacco and the slim nicotine bags sit well under the lip while running minimally

ZYN Slim Deep Freeze Strong

4 ZYN [$2.85 per can] – it will never be cheaper!

We ship worldwide by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door. Secure and fast speedy shipments with tracking number, reference, compliant to all applicable regulations regarding age verification and custom clearance. PayPal include seller insurance for your safety.


ZYN pouches Canada! $3.59 per can!

ZYN! Buy ZYN online!

ZYN pouches Canada! $3.59 per can!

ZYN pouches! Buy ZYN pouches worldwide online!

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