Best tobacco free dip

Best tobacco free dip

Best tobacco free dip

Best tobacco free dip

There are a lot of different tobacco free dip brands on the market. At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we sell ZYN, LYFT, On!, White Fox, Skruf, Nordic Spirit, Al Capone and NIXS. The portion pouches contain no tobacco at all but have different level of nicotine content per pouch and are flavored with different popular tastes.

Of course, taste and preferences vary between different regions and cultures as well as between individuals. In the US, the Swedish innovation ZYN have made a tremendous success. ZYN are also popular in the Nordics but not as strong as LYFT with its LYFT Freeze, LYFT Ice Cool, LYFT Winterchill and LYFT Mint as the four most popular flavors. We can also see quite clearly that LYFT and SKRUF are very popular in the Arabic countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait).

The best non tobacco chew you will find amongst Swedish nicotine pouches!

ZYN pouches

ZYN pouches were launched in 2014 and has made a significant impression on the US market. For a couple of years, it´s widely spread in Sweden and the rollout  is now effectuated in many markets.

ZYN pouches are available in 12-14 different flavors. ZYN flavors for sale! Buy it! The trend is obvious. More and more flavors, portion sizes and strengths are available on the market.

LYFT pouches

LYFT pouches are available in 10-12 different LYFT flavors. It varies a little bit from time to time depending on if they have some special edition during summer and/or winter. LYFT Freeze, LYFT Ice Cool, LYFT Winterchill and LYFT Mint are the most popular one´s. Female´s often are fond of LYFT Tropic Breeze.

During our summer sale 2020 you can buy ZYN online at $2.85 per can.

NIXS pouches

NIXS nicotine pouches are available in six different flavors. NIXS Melon Rush and NIXS Minty Lemon are the two most popular one´s. NIXS have become very popular in a very short time. They have good sized portions, great taste and also keep a very low price. It´s fair to say: you get much nicotine pouches for your money when you buy NIXS.

What is the best tobacco free brand?

Well, I myself, at the moment, prefer LYFT Freeze, ZYN Northern Woods and NIXS Melon Rush!

According to our sales statistics, the most popular tobacco free dip are:

  • ZYN Freeze
  • ZYN Ice Cool Strong
  • White Fox Full Charge
  • ZYN Citrus
  • ZYN Cool Mint
  • Skruf #4
  • ZYN Deep Freeze
  • ZYN Apple Mint
  • ZYN Dark Frost
  • ZYN Lemon Spritz
  • White Fox Doublemint

What are tobacco free dip made of?

Tobacco free dip is made of plant fibers with added salts, flavors and extracted nicotine. The nicotine strength varies between different brands and pouches. The tobacco free dip is put in slim format pouches or in mini format pouches. Both are discreet and assures no-dripping.

How to store tobacco free pouches?

The best way to store tobacco free dip is to keep it cold and dark. Since the pouches don´t contain tobacco it is not necessary to store them in a refrigerator to preserve its quality and freshness. But keep them in a dark and cold spot if possible. The shelf life is often up to 12 months when we are talking about nicotine pouches.

How to use Swedish nicotine pouches?

It´s easy to use tobacco free dip pouches. Just put the pouch under your upper lip and keep it there as long as it suits you. The nicotine is absorbed to a very large extent, up to 90% of the nicotine content, during the first 10 minutes of use. The average tobacco free dip user keeps the pouch inside for about 30 minutes.

Pros and cons with tobacco free pouches?

You will not risk to discolor nicotine pouches. That´s one big advantage. Another often mentioned fact has been the obvious, I don´t want to use tobacco. A third advantage is the rich variety of different flavors and strengths from many different brands. You will most certainly find a tobacco free dip in your preferred style!

Where can I buy tobacco free pouches online at a low price?

Well, of course, we recommend you to buy your pouches in our shop!

Tobacco free pouches in California

Since the launch of ZYN pouches in 2014, nothing has been the same in the tobacco free dip world. The use of tobacco free pouches grows rapidly and constantly. The range grows, both brands and flavors. The strength of the tobacco free pouch is also variys.

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