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Siberia Snus - the strongest Snus in the world! Siberia Dip - the strongest snus in the world! Buy the strongest chewing tobacco in the world!

Siberia dip, no need to any presentation. Everybody knows that Sib´s snus is the strongest snus in the world! 43 mg/g nicotine it more than 6-7 times the nicotine strength vs the average snus portion pouch. The red white snus can has become a landmark for strong snus everywhere!.

Sibs are available in the orginal portion pouch, white dry extremely strong, but also in a slim version, sometimes referred to Sibs x-slims. The minty flavor covers the strength to some extent. Using Sibs gives you an instant nicotine release.

This Siberian tobacco is also available in a Black version with a distinct and clear tobacco taste. There is also a lower strength in a blue version, 24 mg/g nicotine, with a minty flavor.

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FAQ Siberia Snus

Where to buy Siberia Snus?

The snus shop with the best prices in the market is SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE. Fast shipping worldwide by UPS, best prices for all major brands of snus and nicotine pouches. Service-minded and knowledgeable customer service. See the customer reviews of the snus shop!

Strongest Snus? Which is the strongest snus in the world?

Siberia Snus is widely considered to be the strongest snus in the world. 43 mg/g nicotine makes it 6-7 times stronger than the average snus pouches. Siberia Snus kick´s like a mule!

Where to buy the strongest Swedish snus at the best price?

SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE is well-known to keep the best prices in the market for Swedish snus and nicotine pouches. They offer fast shipping worldwide by UPS and have extremely high customer reviews at their Google My Business site. They just won the EU Business News Awards:"Recently, the results of the Scandinavian Business Awards have been finalised and on behalf of EU Business News I am delighted to inform you that SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE has been awarded

UK footballers favorite Snus?

No doubt, Siberia snus is the player´s favorite. it´s also the public´s favorite! If they use nicotine pouches, Pablo and Killa are the most popular one´s!

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Portion Snus - Slim

Siberia Slim White Dry