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VOLT nicotine pouches

Volt nicotine pouches! Java Shake! Volt Deep Freeze! Volt Frosted Apple! VOLT Dark Frost! VOLT Cool Crisp!

VOLT nicotine pouches!

Here you will find the entire range from VOLT, the new sensational brand focusing on nicotine pouches! VOLT is manufactured by the same producer as ZYN, the US market leader in nicotine pouches! New inspiring flavors of nicotine pouches and extremely engaging mixes of nicotine pouches flavors! VOLT  come in six new and healthy flavors in surprising combinations. How about green apples and mint? Or icy fresh mint and dark berries? Find your personal favorite and give your imagination wings. Here we talk about exciting flavors in all strengths. For example, choose between Java Shake, Frosted Apple and Cool Crisp. VOLT have the Slim format and are available in four strengths to choose from: Normal, Strong, Extra Strong and Super Strong. Order your VOLT nicotine pouches here - always free shipping, always with fast deliveries and always coming directly from our factory.

VOLT - the new sensational nicotine pouches brand! Java VOLT, VOLT Cool Crisp, VOLT Frosted Apple mint!

#1 Java Volt - Freshly roasted coffee beans, roasted sugar & cocoa

#2 VOLT Frosted Apple Slim Strong - Super fresh taste of green apples and mint

#3 VOLT Java Shake Slim Extra Strong - Freshly roasted coffee beans, roasted sugar & cocoa

#4 VOLT Dark Frost Slim Super Strong - Icy fresh taste of mint and dark berries

#5 VOLT Deep Freeze Slim Super Strong - Super cold eucalyptus and menthol flavor

#6 VOLT Spearmint Breeze Slim Strong - An exciting mint mix with an open mind

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What is VOLT pouches?

VOLT is the new fantastic brand from SWEDISH Match. VOLT are recently launched in the market and are available in six amazing and sensational flavors in different nicotine strengths. Our personal favorite? Java Volt!

What does JAVA VOLT contain?

JAVA VOLT - a tremendous taste of freshly roasted coffee beans topped with hints of cocoa and burnt sugar. At the bottom there is a light saltiness that complements and balances the whole.Ingredients: water, filler (E 460), plant fiber, humectant (E 422), acidity regulator (E 500, E 509), flavorings, salt, nicotine, sweetener (E 950).

How do you ship VOLT Java, Cool Cisrp and Frosted Mint?

We ship all our orders by UPS or PostNord. You choose your shipper in the cart at check out.