Buy Swedish snus worldwide!

Buy Swedish snus worldwide!

Buy Swedish snus worldwide!

Buy Swedish snus worldwide!

Swedish snus, the premier identity badge for Swedes, now available worldwide! More than 500 years of experience have made Swedish snus to a respected and well-known dip tobacco all over the world.

Swedish snus is a moistened fine-grained smokeless tobacco added with salts and water. To get the unique taste spices and flavors are added according to each snus brand´s preference.

Where can I find cheap Swedish snus online?

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we have a wide selection of different Swedish snus. You can buy General snus, Ettan snus, Grov snus, Skruf, Siberia tobacco, Lundgrens, XR and many others. We always strive to keep low prices on Swedish snus. In the long-run,we therefore, can form a long-lasting relationship with our customers. You should know that you will get a fair and descent price when you buy Swedish snus from us. Speedy shipments, fresh products, secure payments and excellent customer service are the other cornerstones in our philosophy.

Swedish snus worldwide!

We sell Swedish snus worldwide! All shipments are carried out by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door. You will receive and email from UPS with your tracking number when the shipping label has been created.

Payments are conducted by PayPal and include seller insurance for your safety.

What is your favorite Swedish snus?

No matter what, we are sure you will find your preferred Swedish snus in our shop.

Cheap Swedish snus on Sale!

You will always find some Swedish snus on Sale in our shop. Check out Swedish snus on Sale!

Buy Swedish snus worldwide!

No matter where you are, we will ship your Swedish snus to you. Though, there are some exceptions. We don´t sell Swedish snus within Sweden, we don´t sell Swedish snus to member states of the EU due to legislation. Fortunately, our shipments have not been affected by the CODIV-19, so far.

How to use Swedish snus?

It´s quite easy. Put the Swedish snus, no matter if it´s in tobacco pouches or in loose format,  under your upper lip. Keep it there as long at it suits you. If you use a loose format you first need to bake a prilla, form a circle of loose snus with your hands.

Which Swedish snus is the strongest snus in the world?

When it comes to nicotine content, the Siberia dip range with its 43 mg/g nicotine, is the strongest Swedish snus in the world.


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