Canadian chewing tobacco!

Canadian chewing tobacco

Canadian chewing tobacco!

Canadian chewing tobacco!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you  can buy all famous Swedish snus and nicotine pouches brands at great prices, speedy shipments by UPS and be certain of always getting fresh, high-quality products. We sell a wide and varied assortment of chewing tobacco and nicotine pouches. You will find more than 225 SKU´s of chewing tobacco and more than 30 chewing tobacco brands to choose between in our snus.

You will brands such as Siberia dip, Siberia chew, General snus, Ettan, Grov snus, XR snus, Thunder snus, Offroad snus, Lundgrens snus and many others. ZYN, LYFT, White Fox, NIXS, ACE,

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One of the most popular Swedish snus brands is the Siberia chew. It´s characterized by its high level of nicotine. The nicotine strength is 24 mg/g or 43 mg/g. Siberia chew, or Siberia dip as it´s also referred to sometimes, is a legend in the Swedish snus making tradition.

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We have great  prices, $2-4 per can. Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service always tries to help you out, no matter what kind of questions you might have about Canadian chewing tobacco, chewing tobacco in Canada, ZYN pouches in Canada, how to get my package delivered, how to buy chewing tobacco in Canada etc.

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When you buy your chewing tobacco in Canada online, you will usually get your package delivered 4-5 days after your order. The delivery is made to your chosen delivery address.

You might have seen the Swedish ice hockey players use it? Yes, you´re probably correct. Snus, or chewing tobacco, is very popular in Sweden. Especially amongst athletes. The nicotine helps to strengthen the focus, increase energy, but also helps you to relax.

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