General Snus Online! Buy General Snus!

General Snus

General Snus Online! Buy General Snus!

General Snus Online! Buy General Snus!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all available General Snus for Sale! Today there is a varied range of General Products both in Sweden and other countries. Our latest interpretation is G.4 – completely white prilla, with the same type of texture and feel as traditional snus in White format, but completely without traces of tobacco taste. If you prefer a snus with a clear whiskey taste, there is also General Mackmyra, flavored with Mackmyra’s Swedish malt whiskey Swedish Oak. Sweden´s favorite Snus brand, General Snus, is available in more than 50 different SKU´s including the G3 and G4 series.

We ship all our orders by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door. When you shipping label has been created, you will receive an email from UPS with your tracking number.

General Snus for Sale online with money-back-guarantee!

All payments are carried out by PayPal. You can pay by credit card, debit card or by your PayPal account. All purchases include seller insurance. If you are not satisfied with your goods when it arrives, you can file a claim with PayPal and get your money refunded. It´s safe for you. It puts some pressure on us to always deliver fresh and high-quality products.

What is General snus?

General Snus is a moistened fine-grained smokeless tobacco added with water and salts. The specific General Snus flavors come from a little bit of Bergamot oil. General snus has a taste that many snus users recognize. The taste is spicy, with a certain pepperiness and hints of bergamot. Made from a mixture of twenty-two different types of tobacco.

General’s tobacco blend with notes of tea, hay and leather gives a snus with a spicy tobacco taste in the base. What gives General its final touch is a drop of bergamot oil – bergamot is a citrus fruit that is mainly grown in Italy and northern Africa.

How to store General Snus?

General Snus is a perishable and need to be stored cold and dark, preferably in a fridge. The shelf-life is normally 120-140 days after manufacturing.

How to use General Snus? 

If you use General snus in portion pouches, just place the pouch under your upper lip. Keep it there as long as it suits you.

If you use General snus in loose format, bake your prilla with your hands and put it under your upper lip. Keep it there as long as it suits you. General Snus Online!

General snus formats

Portion Snus

Introduced to the snus market by Swedish Match in 1977, under the Tre Ankare brand, portioned snus quickly exploded in popularity and is now the most popular way to use almost all snus brands. You will also find classic loose brands available in portion format, there is a wide range of different portion strengths and sizes designed to please everyone. The majority of portion snus brands have a standard portion material, but recently some brands have been releasing more innovative portions designed to improve the portion experience. An example of this is Swedish Match’s General Tailored which employs a new material called NATUFIBE. NATUFIBE promises to increase comfort in the lip as well as minimize drip, and is in my experience definitely one of the best materials used today. Most portion snus comes in both original and white format, keep in mind that they are very different.

Types Of Snus Pouches

Aside from nicotine strength, the major difference in portion snus brands is that they are available in original or white portion format (some snus brands such as Ettan are available in both formats), and this can make quite a difference in your snus experience. It is therefore important to understand the differences between the two formats.

Original portion snus comes pre moistened in the cans, and this allows nicotine to be released into the bloodstream rather quickly. With a rapid nicotine release, users can feel a buzz within a minute or two of putting in a portion, and the flavors of original snus generally tend to be the strongest within the first ten minutes. The quick onset of a buzz can mimic the buzz from smoking a cigarette, and this can be good in certain situations (such as in the morning alongside a nice coffee). However, due to the rapid release of flavor and nicotine, original snus often doesn’t last as long as white portions do, and they start to drip sooner.

White portions on the other hand, are much drier, and thus take between five to ten minutes before they are moist enough so that a nicotine buzz and flavors can be felt. Coming on slowly, the buzz from white snus tends to last longer, but is usually not as intense as what an original snus pouch can provide. The flavors also take longer to develop, and this can have the added benefit of creating more complex tastes which slowly transition from one style to another. White portion snus tends to be great for relaxing activities (such as reading) where you want a milder but longer lasting buzz as well as a complex taste.

More than 150 years of Snus history! From General loose, General portion to G3 and G4 series!

G.3 – the third generation of General Snus!

Just over 150 years ago, General came as a loose snus. In the 1980’s came General’s second generation, the portion snus. G.3, G3, is the third generation of General snus – with completely new features.

The G.3 series is available in two formats, Slim and Super Slim. Both have a narrower prilla compared to the classic portions, for an optimized and discreet fit. The prilla flow minimally, and have a higher nicotine strength than General Classic White and Classic Portion. The spicy tobacco mixture gives a taste that is recognizable from ordinary General Products, with hints of bergamot oil that gives the snus a certain acidity.

The Slim format is also available in the XR series. It is a long, narrow but large prilla that tastes longer and flows less compared to the usual portion snus. Swedish Match own format Super Slim is even narrower than Slim, while the prilla delivers nicotine in the same way as our Slim products. Thanks to the narrower format, there is room for 30 prills in each box of G.3 Super Slim, instead of 24 as in other G.3 products

G.4 – the fourth generation of General Snus!

A new all-white snus, which is white before, during and after use. The prilla are soft in fit and deliver a long-lasting nicotine and taste experience. Completely without traces of tobacco taste. G.4 is the fourth generation of snus from General.

Snus users are increasingly demanding whiter products, but do not want to give up the traditional snus experience. Thanks to new technology, we have with G.4 been able to produce completely white prills, with the same type of consistency and feel as traditional snus in White format, but completely without traces of tobacco taste. We call this format All White. Due to a composition of fiber and a small proportion of light tobacco, G.4 is an all-white snus before, during and after use. Prillan has a soft fit, low flow and delivers a similar nicotine experience as a traditional snus in White format from Swedish Match. The prill is also in our Slim format, which gives a long, narrow but large prill for an optimized fit under the lip.

General Snus is produced by SWEDISH MATCH with its GOTHIATEK quality standard!

“We think that Swedish food legislation is good. We think the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Tobacco Regulation Committee recommendations for maximum levels of unwanted substances in smokeless tobacco products are also good. But we go even further. Our own quality standard GOTHIATEK sets more and stricter limit values ​​than any legislation or authority in the field. The reason is simple, for us snus users, it should feel safe to enjoy a prilla made in one of our factories in Gothenburg or Kungälv. Furthermore, we also want to be able to guarantee our snus users the highest product quality in each individual can, by having 100% control at all levels. We are the only snus manufacturer that offers such a quality standard.”

“GOTHIATEK has been Swedish Match’s world-unique quality standard since 2000. We guarantee that our snus maintains uncompromising quality by having unique knowledge and control at all levels – from seed to finished product.”

How SWEDISH MATCH manufactures Swedish Snus!

Selected tobacco

There are many different types of tobacco. At Swedish Match, after many years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that the two varieties that are most suitable for making snus are Nicotiana Tabacum and Nicotiana Rustica. They have different tastes and character, and are available in different local varieties with special properties. Swedish Match never uses genetically modified tobacco.

Flavoring, aromas

Flavorings give the snus its taste In addition to the different tobacco blends. We also add different flavors and aromas to the snus recipes. These flavorings, along with the tobacco blend used for the recipe, give what gives each product its individual flavor character. In the recipe for General, we use, among other things, bergamot oil. For Göteborgs Rapé we flavor the snus with aromas of lavender and juniper. The exact seasoning in each can, however, is (of course) a trade secret.

The function of the salt

The salt in snus fulfills two functions. Salt is an important part of the taste experience, and salt has a preservative function.

From potash to baking soda

There is sometimes talk of the pH value in snus. Few know why it is important that snus is alkaline, i.e. the opposite of sour. A basic snus has two advantages. First, it is important for the experience of snus. The nicotine in an alkaline snus is more easily absorbed through the oral mucosa. It gives the effect expected of Swedish snus. Last but not least, it prevents the snus from mold. In the 19th century, potash (potassium carbonate) was added to make snus more alkaline. Today we add sodium carbonate, or E 500 which is the additive’s designation as an approved food additive. The everyday name of E 500 is baking powder that is commonly found in bread and pastries.

Fresh and moist

Water is added to the snus mixture during manufacture to give the snus texture and moisture. It also has a moisture-retaining function. Propylene glycol, or the food name of the additive E 1520, is also added. It preserves the moisture and consistency of the snus. The limit value of the content of E 1520 is regulated in a regulation from the National Food Administration.

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