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General Snus General Snus

General Snus, or just General (before 1999), is a famous Swedish snus and snuff brand manufactured by Swedish Match. Buysnus! Buy General dip at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE.

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Best Nicotine Products Retailer - Sweden buysnus chewing tobacco
Best Nicotine Products Retailer – Sweden buysnus chewing tobacco

Best snus in the world? General Snus! Buysnus!

General snus is Sweden’s most popular snus brand, 74 million cans of General snus were sold in Sweden in 2002. General Snus has been, and still are, the most beloved Swedish snus brand for more than 150 years. General Snus is considered to be the best snus in the world! The snus is marketed both as loose snuff and portion snuff. When the 2012 tax increase was introduced, several of the weight of the general portions was reduced from 1.0 gram to 0.9, but the nicotine content remained the same. However, the weight did not change for General snus sold outside Sweden. However, Swedish Match went back to 1.0 grams in May 2013. General Snus is considered to be the best snus in the world!

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General snus – best snus! Where to buy the best snus brands in USA? General pouches!

The recipe for Generaldip was first developed by the company Körner & Boman (later J. A. Boman & Co) in 1866, but in 1915 the state AB Swedish Tobacco Monopoly took over the recipe. General dip contains tobacco, salt and flavorings, including bergamot oil. The recipe for Generaldip is still a secret, similar to the recipe for Coke.
The name Generalsnus has nothing to do with the military service general without general in this case means “general” or “general”. During the 19th century, it was common for tobacco traders call their standard standard snuff “general snuff”, ie “general snuff”.
General Wintergreen is another new variety. However, it is not sold in Sweden, but in the US and at various internet stores.

General snus – great dipping tobacco from the north! Buy General Snus Online! Where to buy the best snus brands in USA? General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

Swedish snus is more or less an identity badge for Swedes. It´s also an important part of Swedish culture. For almost 500 years Swedish snus is has produced and used in Sweden. When Sweden had a public vote to enter or not to enter the EU, the Swedish snus was a highlighted on the agenda. To make certain Swedish snus shouldn´t cause people to vote No, Sweden received a permit vs the actual EU legislation to  still be allowed to produce and sell Swedish snus. If not so, there could have been a No to enter the EU.

General snus – Buy General dip Worldwide! General pouches! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

In Norway, in the autumn of 2008, a new variety was launched in the Generalsnus family: General Sterk (Stark). In the summer of 2009, General Ekstra Sterk came to Sweden in portion and release varieties. The portion snus has a nicotine amount of about 15 mg / portion (14 mg / g of 1.1 grams) and the loose snus 12 mg / g compared to the usual General Portion containing about 8 mg / portion and the loose variant 8 mg / g.
General Extra Strong Portion is one of the richest varieties of nicotine on the market today.
In September 2010, Generalsnus was introduced in a completely new format called Long, with elongated pills that fit better under the lip. In Norway, General Long is also in a more nicotine-strong variety.
Where to buy the best snus brands in USA? General snus is the best snus in the world! Best snus 2021! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

Buy General snus, General, G.3, G.4, General Mackmyra! Where to buy the best snus brands in USA? General pouches! Best snus in the world! Buy General Snus! Buysnus!

The general family is the largest on the market with 14 products:
Loose SNUS
Extra Strong Loose – Strong loose snus with 12 mg / g.
Dissolve – Common Dissolve, 8 mg / g.
Portion SNUS, General pouches
Classic Portion Licorice – licorice snus introduced in 2013.
Extra Strong Portion – Strong portion snus, 14 mg / g and pills of 1.1 g.
Long Portion – Longer portion to be more comfortable under the lip. 9.5 mg / g.
Long Strong Portion – Longer portion containing 15 mg / g.
Mini Mint Dry Portion – Smaller 0.5 g portions containing 8 mg nicotine per gram. Drier than regular portions (not white). Mint flavor. Not sold in Sweden.
Mini Portion – Smaller portions, 0.5 g / serving, nicotine: 8 mg / g
Mini White Portion – Small white portions, 0.5 g / serving, nicotine: 8 mg / g
Mint Serving – Usual servings with 8 mg / g nicotine. Since autumn 2012, it is also sold in Sweden.
Onyx Serving – Black servings with 11 mg nicotine per gram.
Original Serving – Plain brown bags, 8 mg nicotine per gram.
Strong portion – Strong portion snus, nicotine: 12 mg / g.
Strong White – Strong white snus containing 12 mg nicotine / g.
Tailored White – A white snus that should have an optimized fit. Contains plant fiber.
Wintergreen White Portion – Taste of mint, nicotine: 8 mg / g portions of 1 gram. Not sold in Sweden.
White Portion – Portions with less water and white bags, contains 8 mg nicotine per gram.
Green Harvest – An organic snus with flavor similar to the original portions. Nicotine: 8 mg / g, weight: 1 g / portion
Previous brands
General Maxi portion. It was removed from Swedish Match’s 2010 range.
Smooth flavor. Removed from Swedish Match range February 2012.
Silver Portion, formerly General Light. Removed from Swedish Match range in May 2013.

General snus Swedish snus – Buy snus! Where to buy the best snus brands in USA? Best snus 2021! Buysnus!

General snus was originally used in loose format. In the 1970´s the first tobacco pouches were developed. Quite soon, the tobacco pouches were the main format to use Swedish snus. In front of the development was, and still are, Swedish Match. After the launch of tobacco pouches the third generation of General Snus were launched, G3. G3 become very popular, especially in Norway, and were quite recently followed by the fourth generation of Swedish snus, G4. General Snus Swedish snus.

What is General snus? Best Snus! Where to buy the best snus brands in USA? General pouches! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

General snus is the name of the brand, General snus. The term “Swedish snus” simply means that the snus is produced in Sweden. Today, it includes a number of different varieties of snus. There are loose snus, portion snus, stronger varieties, narrower varieties and a lot of other varieties. There are a number of snus-like products around the world, mainly in Asia, but nothing that tastes the same as Swedish snus. It often has other looks, properties and risks. If you are looking for the best snus in the world, buy General Snus!

General Snus – some facts from Sweden about Snus and General Snus, the Best Snus! General pouches! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

  • In 2017, an average of 16% of the population had used snus in the past month.
  • About 13% were daily users and 3% were occasional snus users. A clear majority of the snus users were men.
  • Every fourth man (25%) had used snus in the last month, compared with 7% of women.
  • Over 80% of male snus users sniffed daily, compared with just over 60% of female snus users. Unlike the proportion of smokers, the proportion of snus users has been around a more stable level since 2007, especially in terms of the development among men. Among women, the proportion of snus users has increased – from 4% in 2007 to just over 7% in 2017.
  • Most men use snus between the ages of 30 and 44. 65 years and up, snus is less common, only 7 percent of Swedish pensioners use snus.
  • The average Swedish snus user consumes about 4 cans / week or 207 cans a year. This corresponds to just over half a dose per day.
  • A Swedish daily snus user sniffs 13-15 hours a day and the average time for a prill is about 1 hour.
  • The proportion of snus users in the country is fairly even at about 11%, the number increases a little every year, but more in relation to the population increasing.

General Snus – Dipping tobacco from Sweden is safe! General pouches! Best snus in the world! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

In a large Swedish study from KI, a famous and leading hospital and research center in Stockholm, it is believed that there is no connection between snus and oral cancer. Normal snus can even have a counteracting effect, according to the report. The connection between snus and oral cancer has been much debated with various research results. The study now says that the connection between snus and oral cancer does not exist and that it may even be the case that normal snus has a counteracting effect on oral cancer. According to the report, current users of snus would have a 21 percent lower risk of developing oral cancer. KI writes that it is about the group that uses five cans or less a week. Normal snus is someone who consumes 3.5 cans. It is also stated that Swedish snus is less dangerous than many smoke-free products on the foreign market.

General snus formats – Swedish snus formats. General pouches! Best snus in the world! Best snus in the world! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

Loose snus – the traditional Generalsnus and Swedish snus, the best snus in the world!

Loose snus looks the same today as it did 200 years ago and is still the basis of Swedish snus production. The snus is made from ground tobacco and is available in three different varieties: coarse, medium and fine-grained. The finely ground, is easier to bake but does not give an equally tobacco-like taste, while the coarsely ground has a stronger tobacco character. You bake the prilla yourself to the desired size and shape and get a fast and powerful taste experience. There is also loose snus that is cut, also called single cut snus, where the tobacco leaves have been cut instead of malt, which gives a different taste experience and feeling. Another type of loose snus is pre-baked snus, which is loose snus that is sold in pre-baked, cylindrical portions, but which can also be reshaped and divided exactly as you want it.

General snus – Original portion – wet Swedish snus in a bag! General pouches!

This is the most common portion Swedish snus and the first portion snus that took place on the market in the 1970s. The tobacco is packed in portions and moistened after packing. The originals are moist on the surface, dark in color and give a quick taste and nicotine experience.

Generalsnus – White portion – the most common Swedish snus right now

White portion came in 1998 as an alternative to the classic portion snus. Unlike classic portion snus, white portion is not moisturized in production and is thus drier on the surface with a moist content. This gives a slower, but smoother nicotine and taste experience. General snus Swedish snus.

All White / Pure White  – A modernity with many names.

All White is the latest in the snus market and, unlike the White portion, is much whiter in appearance. These prilla is also completely dry, which means that it takes a few seconds before the nicotine and taste experience arrives.

Nicotine-free Swedish snus

The nicotine-free snus is an alternative to snus that does not contain either tobacco or nicotine. This is well suited for those who want to sniff less or stop sniffing, or avoid nicotine and tobacco when you are pregnant.

General Snus vs American dip?

The big differences between Swedish snus vs American dip are that Swedish snus is spit-free, no-need to chew and has a much more distinct taste of tobacco instead of being quite sweet in the taste.

General Snus – Buy the best Swedish Snus! Best snus in the world! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

General snus also has some really strong brands. The G3 and G4 series of Generalsnus is the strongest Generalsnus.

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How to use General snus? The best snus in the world! Best snus in the world! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

If you use loose snus, you should bake your prilla with your hands and put the prilla under your upper lip.

If you use portion pouches, just pick out the pouch from the can, put it under your upper lip.

Where to buy cheap General Snus? The best snus in the world! Best snus in the world! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buysnus!

Well, of course, we recommend you to buy snus in our shop!

General Snus Store Locator – where to find General Chew? Find the best snus online? The best snus in the world! Buysnus!

General Snus – history and the situation today! Best snus in the world! General pouches! Best Swedish snus! Best snus brands! General dip! General Snus! Buy Grov Snus! Buysnus!

Created over 150 years ago by the Swedish entrepreneur Johan Boman, General is one of the world’s oldest and most popular snus brands still in existence today. Known for his rich tastes and high expectations of quality, Boman created a unique blend of tobacco and complex flavors which soon became wildly popular in his hometown of Gothenburg, with many of its residents inquiring if they could purchase some of his delicious tasting snus. After partnering with tobacco producer Ferdinand Körner in 1850, the pair were finally able to begin manufacturing Boman’s creation on an industrial level in 1866.

General Snus Today

Now a member of the Swedish Match family of snus, General has a unique taste, comprising over 20 types of tobacco, as well as hints of bergamot and a touch of pepper a taste which millions of people across the world have come to love and enjoy. Boman’s original formula continues to remain in use this day, with only slight tweaks to can and portion design.

The General family of snus is now manufactured by Swedish Match in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the factory there strictly adheres to Swedish Match’s stringent quality standards known as Gothiatek. According to Swedish Match, the Gothiatek manufacturing process is comprised of the following principles:

● Establishment of maximum permitted levels of undesirable substances found naturally in tobacco plants
● Raw material quality requirements
● Manufacturing process requirements
● Consumer product information requirements

Furthermore, snus is regulated as a food product in Sweden, and therefore General Snus is prepared to the same hygiene standards expected of food, giving consumers piece of mind when enjoying their General product of choice.

Continued innovation with General Chew – G3 and G4 series

Aside from being one of the oldest snus brands on the market, General has also been a brand which isn’t afraid to innovate. In 1977 it became the first snus brand available in the portion format, which continues to remain highly popular to this day. Swedish Match is still innovating today with the recent development and release of General Tailored. Tailored has the same Classic General taste you’ve come to love and enjoy, except with a new portion material dubbed ‘NATUFIBE’. According to Swedish Match, NATUFIBE “is a natural material consisting of one type of plant fiber, which is mixed with tobacco meal for improved properties in the form of soft pouch and optimized fit.” The end result of this new type of portion material is a reduction in drip and an overall increase in comfort for consumers. In the present day, nearly every member of the General family is now available in Swedish Match’s patented star formation. Portions come prewedged and shaped in a circular form to ensure that you receive a consistent experience every time you use General. Today, General is available in a number of formats including long portion, mini, white, strong, extra strong, Onyx, loose, tailored, and licorice. Although the formats may be different, each member of the General lineup retains the same high quality and distinct flavor of the original General.

Swedish Snus from SWEDISH MATCH – extremely high-quality standards! General Snus, the best Snus in the world!

“Our goal is to produce the best Swedish snus that can be found. With a focused research and development work for several decades, we have today come a long, very long way. We dare to say that our Swedish snus is in a class of its own. Let’s explain. All common crops for food consumption contain unwanted substances. You may have heard or read about reports that sound the alarm about, for example, high levels of arsenic in rice. If we ingest too high doses of these substances, our health can be negatively affected. Some substances can be potentially carcinogenic. This is the reason why food legislation at national and international level sets strict limit values ​​for maximum permitted levels of these substances in food. Since the early 1970s, snus has also been subject to Swedish food legislation. Exactly for the same reason. The unwanted substances found in ordinary foods are also found in tobacco. We think that Swedish food legislation is good. We think the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Tobacco Regulation Committee recommendations for maximum levels of unwanted substances in smokeless tobacco products are also good. But we go even further. Our own quality standard GOTHIATEK sets more and stricter limit values ​​than any legislation or authority in the field. The reason is simple, for us snus users it should feel safe to enjoy a prill made in one of our factories in Gothenburg or Kungälv. Furthermore, we also want to be able to guarantee our snus users the highest product quality in each individual can, by having 100% control at all levels. We are the only snus manufacturer that offers such a quality standard.”

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