Killapods Killa Snus! The ultimate guide to Killapods!

Killa Pods Killa Chew!

Killapods Killa Snus! Buy Killapods in UK at the best price! Killapods – £2.2 per can! Nicopods!

Killapods Killa Snus! The ultimate guide to Killapods! Order Killa pouches online! Killa nicopods for sale!

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Buy Killapods! Killa nicotine pouches! What you need to know about Killapods and Nicopods! Killa nicopods for sale! 

KILLAPODS, KILLA CHEW, KILLA SNUS – the ultimate guide to Killa pods!
This is the new generation of SNUS! It works just like a traditional SNUS, but it has many advantages:
* Your teeth will remain white
* Your clothes and mouth will remain clean
* Good taste
Use: Place one tobacco-free nicopod (SNUS) under your upper lip. Time of action: 5-30 minutes.
Ingredients: cellulose, PH-adjustment, humectant, nicotine, aroma, water, preservative.
Pieces in can: 20

What is Killapods? What is Killa Snus? What is Killa pouches?

Killapods is the fastest growing nicotine pouch brand on the market. Killa pods is a tobacco-free snus made of plant fiber. Extracted nicotine and flavors are added to create the Killa pods. Easy to use, no need to spit, no dripping.

Killapods has become especially popular in UK and in NL, Germany and Belgium. There is a fast growing interest for Killa pods in the arabic countries as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Best Nicotine Products Retailer - Sweden buysnus chewing tobacco
Best Nicotine Products Retailer – Sweden buysnus chewing tobacco

How to use Killapods? How to use Killa snus? How to use Killa nicopods? How to use Killa pouches?

Well, it´s simple. Just out your Killapods pouch under the upper lip. The average Killa pods user keeps it for 20-30 minutes. The nicotine kick is instant when you are using Killa pods. More than 80% of the nicotine is absorbed within the first ten minutes.

How many Killapods a day? How many Killa pouches a day?

Well, of course, that varies quite much. Though, a rough estimate is that the average Killa pods user consume 12-14 Killa pods a day. More or less half a can of Killa pods per day.

Where to buy Nicopods online? Buy Killapods online! Killapods at Tesco? Can I buy Killapods aat Tesco? Does Tesco sell Killa snus? 

We sell Killa pods at £2.2 per can. We think that´s the best price for Killa pods on the market. We are at least 67% cheaper than many other online store and also much cheaper than Tesco!

How to store Killapods?

Since KILLA pods don´t contain tobacco, there is no need to store them in a fridge. Though, we recommend you to store your Killa pods in a dark place to preserve its quality.

What is the shelf life for Killapods? How long is the expiry date for Killapods? 

Killa pods has 12 months expiry date from date of manufacturing. Easy to store, easy to stock up with 1 year shelf life.

Killapods flavors – check the Nicopods and Snuff!

Buy Nicotine pouches in UK!

Buy Nicotine pouches in UK!

FAQ Killa Snus

What is Nicopods? What is Killapods?

Nicopods are nicotine pouches without tobacco. Nicopods are made of plant fibers added with flavours and extracted nicotine to reach the desired nicotine strength. Killapods is a brand made in Latvia with a high nicotine content. Killapods are available in 8 different Killapods flavours and strengths.

Where to buy Nicopods at the lowest price in UK? Where to buy Killapods in the UK at the best prices?

SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE sells Killapods at £2.2 per can. That´s the absolutely lowest prices we can find in the market. Want to be a wholesaler of Kilapods? Ask SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE for a tender.

How to use Killapods? How to use Nicopods?

Killapods are easy to use. No spitting, no dripping, discreet pouches with a lot of nicotine strength. Just place the killapods under your upper lip and feel the instant release of nicotine and the awesome flavours of your choice.

Which Killapods flavours are the most popular one´s?

Killa Cold Mint are the most popular Killapods flavour in the UK. Strong nicotine pouches with a great taste of mint. Other popular Killapods flavours are Blueberry, Cola and the two new one´s: Killa Apple and Killa Pineapple.

Where to buy Killapods in UK? Killapods near me in UK?

SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE has all the range of Killapods for sale at £2.2 per can. The best price in the market we can find, at least so far.




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