LYFT Ice Cool Qatar!


LYFT Ice Cool Qatar!

LYFT Ice Cool Qatar! Nicotine pouches in Qatar!

LYFT Ice Cool, LYFT Freeze, LYFT Mint, LYFT Liquorice, LYFT Lime Strong, LYFT Urban Vibe. All LYFT nicotine pouches have become extremely popular in Qatar, in Dubai, in Kuwait. These nicotine pouches without tobacco are our bestsellers in Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we have a wide range of nicotine pouches. You will find all major Swedish nicotine pouches brands here. We also sell all major Swedish snus brands with tobacco. In the nicotine pouches segment wINe also sell ZYN pouches, SKRUF all white pouches, Nordic Spirit, On!, Al Capone, NIXS, Pablo, Killa.

LYFT Freeze in Kuwait! Nicotine pouches in Qatar!

LYFT Freeze is by far the best selling LYFT pouches to Kuwait. In Kuwait, ZYN pouches from SWEDISH MATCH gain pace in popularity as well as SKRUF nicotine pouches.

SKRUF nicotine pouches in Dubai! Nicotine pouches in Qatar!

The most popular nicotine pouches in Dubai are SKRUF#4 closed followed by LYFT Freeze.

LYFT Ice Cool pouches in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi, it´s all about LYFT pouches. 90% of our sales of nicotine pouches in Saudi are LYFT.

Order your LYFT Ice Cool pouches online!

It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery. We ship worldwide with UPS. You will receive an e-mail with tracking number when freight papers are created from UPS. Payments are carried out by Paypal and includes seller insurance for your safety. From July 6th your order to Qatar will be shipped by PostNord.

Buy LYFT online – order now!

It´s easy and fast, you have a wide range to choose from and we only sell fresh products with expiry dates far away ensuring you will always have fresh products available. We always try to surprise our customer´s and sometimes add a couple of extra cans just to give you a little bit more when you are buying your nicotine pouches at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE. We are grateful for any tips you will send us to develop our portfolio.









24 thoughts on “LYFT Ice Cool Qatar!

    • storekeeper storekeeper says:


      We can´t sell to Qatar due to your import restrictions. Sorry for that. But you can order to your neighbour countries if you are visiting them and collect your items.

    • storekeeper storekeeper says:

      Yes, of course. We have a lot of customers in Saudi Arabia. You deceide yourself how much you want to buy. Welcome!

        • storekeeper storekeeper says:

          Ok, just place your order in the snus shop online! Choose 5 cans of your LYFT, proceed to checkout and fill in your information and conduct your payment.

  1. Aileene says:

    How much is LYFT ICE COOL? Can you deliver here in Qatar? I want to order..and how many days will arrive?

  2. storekeeper storekeeper says:

    It is still restricted according to Qatar legislation, so we don´t ship to Qatar. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. Abdulla says:

    is there any way to send it to Qatar? For example write different description so it can be go through the customs.
    Please let me know if possible so I can order because I really like lyft product.

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