LYFT Nicotine Pouches on sale!

Swedish Nicotine Pouches online!

LYFT Nicotine Pouches on sale!

LYFT Nicotine Pouches for sale! Mint LYFT patches! MINT Lyft Pouches!

LYFT nicotine pouches are definitely Europe’s leading brand in the all white segments. LYFT pouches contain no tobacco, it´s a tobacco free dip. LYFT pouches are available in 10 different LYFT flavors with different nicotine strength. LYFT pouches are an updated version of the first all time white snus, EPOK snus. LYFT took the decision to skip the tobacco entirely considering that it’s the nicotine and not the tobacco that gives you the kick. LYFT extracts the nicotine from the tobacco and puts it straight in the pouch together with tree fibers, water and aromas. This all white product is also made to give you the same experience as the older EPOK snus but without the tobacco.

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How EPOK snus became LYFT pouches! Mint LYFT pouches! LYFT Ice Cool! LYFT Freeze!

The year was 1991 and Sweden applied for EU membership. However, those in power in Brussels were known for their views on Swedishsnus, so it was felt that the distribution of Swedish snus within the EU was threatened. It took two years and in 1993 all forms of sales within the EU’s were stopped. It is therefore not so strange that during the Swedish referendum the following year, the presence or absence of Swedish snus was an important cornerstone of the people’s vote on EU accession. With a narrow majority, however, the Yes side won, but for us snus users in Sweden, the gain was the fact that our politicians managed to secure a permanent exception; the Swedish snus trade remains active within the country’s borders.


Outside Sweden, however, it was a non-issue. It takes us to today and All White is developed on the market. Small nicotine bags filled with natural fibers, seasonings and nicotine, but completely free of tobacco. Despite other similarities, the nicotine bags’ lack of tobacco means that they are not technically classified as Swedish snus and are thus free to be distributed within the EU. But let’s back the band up a bit. 1998 saw a new type of Swedish snus enter the market; White Portion. This was a lighter, almost white portion snus that got its shade from but did not moisten it. The bag was also left untreated. The result was a finer Swedish snus variety with a dry surface that thus flows less.

The history of LYFT Pouches in the USA

However, it was 16 years later, more precisely in 2014, that the world’s first completely white Swedish snus saw the light of day. Winnington AB then launched Epok; a flavored all White Swedish snus with less toxins than brown Swedish snus and which does not run or stain teeth. Winnington developed its patented all-white tobacco by purifying and filtering it in significantly more steps than in the manufacture of ordinary brown tobacco, and in this way they obtained a softer and more porous product. During the same process, all the aroma and taste disappeared from the tobacco, which they replaced afterwards by flavoring the prills with aromas such as mint, lime, licorice, blueberries and cafe creme.

LYFT pouches can only be bought online in the U.S.

ZYN pouches!

Later that year, Swedish Match launched its white, but completely tobacco-free major investment Zyn in the USA. This is where the first nicotine bags made their entrance. In December 2016, Zyn also began to be available in Sweden and in 2018, Epok was finally replaced with Lyft, which has the same flavors, nicotine levels and design but is 100% free of tobacco.

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Today, the nicotine bags are in the categories “dry” (eg Zyn Mini and On!) And “moist” (eg Zyn Slim and Lyft), of which the latter category both feels and resembles ordinary Swedishsnus, except that they are completely white. Both categories also come in flavors such as blueberries, melon, citrus, lime, mint, ginger and rhubarb just to scratch the surface. The popularity of nicotine bags is now not only spreading in the EU, but they are being launched and constantly growing in completely new markets within the rest of Europe as well as outside. The USA and Canada, for example, are both the countries that demanded this product early on and stand as a permanent inspiration for its emergence.

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At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major SWEDISH SNUS brands as well as nicotine pouches. We sell LYFT, ZYN, SKRUF, On!, Nordic Spirit, NIXS, SHIRO and many others. We also sell a broad and varied range of SWEDISHSNUS with tobacco from brands such as GENERALSNUS, Grov snus, Ettan, XR, Kurbits, Skruf, Catch, Lundgrens, Know, Onyx, Röda Lacket and many others.

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LYFT pouches are only 3-4 days away from you! That´s the time it take from order to delivery at your door by UPS. You will receive an email from UPS with your tracking number when we have created your shipping label. All payments are carried out by PayPal and include seller insurance for your safety.

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