Nicotinefree pouches! Qvitt Wild Mint!

Qvitt Original

Nicotinefree pouches! Qvitt Wild Mint!

Nicotinefree pouches! Qvitt Wild Mint!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we are concerned about the negative health effects of smoking. Therefor we promote snus, snuff, both with or without tobacco. We also have the all white segment on-board.

One of our favorite recommendations in the nicotine-free snus segment is Qvitt Wild Mint!

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Nicotine-free snus is an alternative to snus that is completely free of tobacco and nicotine. It is a suitable choice for you who want to step down a bit or completely stop snus. We have a large assortment of nicotine-free snus from a plethora of different brands. For example: Kickup, Onico, XQS and Qvitt. Regarding snus and breastfeeding, or snus and pregnancy, Onico is suitable.

Tobacco, which is included in most types of snus, can cause cancer, various cardiovascular diseases and lung diseases. A product that can replace snus with tobacco and nicotine is nicotine-free snus, which is often also tobacco-free. Substitute ingredients can be corn fiber and various plant fibers.

Qvitt Wild Mint is a nicotine-free snus with a well-balanced and fresh mint flavor with hints of wild herbs. The large portions give a very snug feel under the lip. Content Water, green tea, carrot plant fibers, aromas, acidity regulators (E500), flavor enhancers (saline), humectants (E1520), Panax Ginseng, sodium fluoride (fluorine) #qvitt “qvittwildmint #findqvitt #qvittstorelocator #qvittwebstore #quitsmoking #quitsmoke #quitvape #snus #swedishsnus #swedishsnuff #svensktsnus #swedishproducts #swedishproductsonline #swedishfika #swedishcandy #sweden #

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