On pouches online Los Angeles!

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On pouches online Los Angeles!

On pouches online Los Angeles!

A new Swedish innovation, NIXS nicotine pouches without tobacco. This tobacco-free-dip is newly launched in Sweden and has already made a huge success. NIXS nicotine pouches are available in four different flavors: Mint, Melon, Liquorice, and Lemon. NIXS has launched what might be the next generation of nicotine pouches! And best of all? NIXS are extremely good tasting and drip- and spit-free, it is also very cheap, $2.79 per can.

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The two most popular so far is NIXS Icy Mint and NIXS Melon Rush. Our favorite? NIXS Melon Rush. Nixs Melon Rush gives you plenty of sweet and sweet melon flavor. With well-balanced moisture, you get a quick taste and nicotine experience. 16 grams pouch with 8 mg/g nicotine. The distinct fruity taste of melon. Do you prefer strong nicotine pouches? Then we suggest NIXS Icy Mint, NIXS Minty Lemon or NIXS Salmiak, 12 mg/g nicotine in all three nicotine pouches.  

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At our place, SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major Swedish snus brands, both with or without tobacco. One of the advantages of using nicotine pouches is that it will not discolor your teeth. And you will also get your preferred nicotine without any tobacco.

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Well, in Los Angeles the Swedish innovation ZYN started out in 2014. Why not try something similar, buy NIXS nicotine pouches online at $2.79 per can.

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Well, NIXS high-quality nicotine pouches at $2.79 per can, that´s a real introduction price on the market.

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