Payments and your security

Once you have registered as a customer you can pay directly by credit card or bank wire transfer on our website.

At the moment, we currently accept the following credit cards:

American Express



As soon as the payment has been processed into our account you will receive an approval of your order, as well as a confirmation sent to your registered mail address.

We use PayPal as Payment Service Provider (PSP) for your security.

All transactions are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure the safety of your personal details and credit card information. Only PSP get access to your credit card information, i.e. no information regarding your credit card is visible, known or stored at

In addition to credit card payment upon order placement, we also accept bank wire transfers for your order. Please note that international bank transfer may take up to five banking days before payment has been made visible to us. If using bank wire transfer, please mail to to receive the necessary international wire-info.

We accept payments in the following currencies:

US Dollars (USD)
Euro (EUR)
Norwegian krona (NOK)
Swiss Franc (CHF)

Buy Snus, Dip tobacco, Chewing tobacco with money-back-guarantee through PayPal!

Except for its excellent security and accountability, payments by PayPal also include seller insurance on all purchases. It´s safe for you. If you are not satisfied with your delivered goods you can claim your purchase with PayPal and get your money refunded. Of course, this puts some pressure on us. That´s good. We must always secure, we will deliver fresh, high-quality products to our customers.

Dip, Chew, Snus, Snuff, Snooze!