Kickup Real White Edition


KICKUP Real White is the next generation of nicotine-free snus, as white as it is inserted as it is taken out. Real White gives you a fresh and exciting experience!   Functional product with vitamins, minerals and caffeine Perfect replacement product for those who want to stop sniffing Need not be refrigerated KICKUP – when you want to get more out of life Real White from KICKUP is a healthy alternative to snus, completely free of tobacco and nicotine. Real White, along with the original product, bears the same name as the brand name of KickUp’s product line Functional Pods. With a Real White under the lip, not only do you get beneficial vitamins and stimulating caffeine, you are also left with a fresh and pleasant feeling that is appreciated by many who try to stop sniffing. Real White, like all other products from the KICKUP brand, has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.   Choose from 2 different flavors: Orignal with a mild taste of bergamot. Mint with a familiar taste of mint. NOTE: The taste mint contains gurarana instead of caffeine.

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