Kickup Real White Soft Mint Slim


Real White is no snuff. It contains neither tobacco nor nicotine. Kickup has only borrowed the practical box and the effective way to quickly transport the contents out into the body, ie under the lip. The market’s only white energy prills Equally white, before, during and after use Provides an extra fresh impression for you and others, smells and tastes good Suppresses “sweet suction” and only 1kcal / prill Real White is an energy product that delivers an extra dose of energy for about 20 minutes. That kick that makes you have a little bit to do! Fully charged with vitamins, minerals, guarana and ginseng. In addition, it contains xylitol which gives a fresh breath and is good for oral health. This novelty from Real White is our first variant with a so-called SLIM prill, which means that it can even turn to you as a girl, as it is more discreet. Soft Mint Slim has a round and fresh mint flavor.