Siberia Chew Siberia Dip – Swedish snus

Siberia Snus Siberia White Dry

Siberia Chew, Siberia Dip – Swedish snus

It´s strong, extremely strong. It´s good, extremely good. Actually, there is not so much others combining the strength, taste and uniqeness of Siberia Chew, Siberia Dip. You´ll find Siberia Chew at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE, PRICE $3.10 per can. Sometimes you can find it even cheaper at SWEDISHSNUFF.ONLINE.

Siberia White Dry Portion is a finished serving snus with an extremely high nicotine content. One serving contains more than five times as much nicotine as a normal snuff.

Siberia White Dry Portion is a ready-made portion snuff that is now available in dosage form. The snus has a very prominent taste of mint and comes in dry portions with a lower moisture content – which gives a less flowy snus. Snus has an extremely high nicotine content and a portion contains more than five times as much nicotine as normal strong snus (8 mg / g). The low moisture content of the snus further contributes to the strong experience. Not recommended for those who are sensitive to nicotine. Facts about the product Trademark Siberia Snus Product type White portion Strength Extra Strong Nicotine content 43 mg / g Contents / packaging 13 g Snus type White Portion format Normal Manufacturer GN Tobacco. Siberia Chew, Siberia Dip – Swedish snus.

Siberia Dip has become very popular all over the world. We sell a lot of it to US, CA and also to Russia, Ukraine, and the middle east. We often keep low prices $3.09 per can) on Siberia Dip, Siberia Chew, Siberia Snus. The prices are low ($3.09 per can) so there is not actually a need for Siberia Dip coupons or Siberia Chew coupons. $3.09 per can right now.

Siberia chew rocked the world when it was new on the market. Siberia Dip and Siberia chew still rocks! Buy snus online also still rocks! Online sales of Snus is still growing and now we see a trend that snus and ZYN pouches getting grows rapidly in New Zeeland and Australia. In New Zeeland the price for a can of White Fox is $12-13 per can in the stores. Buy White Fox here at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE for $3.8 per can.

Find more? See more Snus? Snus, the swedish tradition to use smokeless tobacco. Buy Snus in our snus shop online to very competetive low prices. Buy snus online and get your snus order directly to your doorstep with UPS. Siberia is available in different formats. Siberia, extremely strong snus now on snus for sale. No need to get snus coupons because we always keep low snus pricesSiberia Dip coupons is not necessary when price is $3.09 per can.

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6 thoughts on “Siberia Chew Siberia Dip – Swedish snus

  1. Jiri says:

    Hello, I would like to order 20 pieces of Siberia 80 to the Czech Republic. Is the price already included in VAT (value added tax) and shipping costs? If I order more is there a possibility of a volume discount?

    • storekeeper storekeeper says:

      We don´t sell snus to countries within EU due to legislation. So it´s not possible for you to order at our webshop.

    • storekeeper storekeeper says:

      Hello, the price per can on sale at the moment, $3.05. If you buy 30 cans, 3 sleeves/rolls, shipping is approx $50.

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