Snus and get rid of your cigarettes!

Snus and get rid of your cigarettes!

Snus and get rid of your cigarettes!

Snus and get rid of your cigarettes!

Snus is a great alternative to normal smoking. It’s a form of smokeless tobacco which guarantees the same experience less any health risks. However, you can’t buy it from any other European countries than Sweden and Norway. It’s a highly popular product thanks to its convenience in use. However, with so many brands on the market, it’s difficult to choose the best one. So, we’ve carried out detailed research and we’ve put together a list of the top 3 best snus products available today.

General Snus

General Snus is the daddy of snus products as it was produced about 150 years ago by Johan Boman, a Swedish businessman. The brand is now part of Swedish Match which manufactures General snus in Gothenburg. They’re known for implementing rigorous quality and production standards across the entire supply chain.

General snus comprises a minimum level of harmful substances which are naturally found in tobacco to guarantee increased health and peace of mind to customers. The classic type of General snus is the General Onyx Black Portion which offers a strong aftertaste with a mixture of spices. You’ll enjoy 24 large portion pouches with 12mg/g of nicotine and bergamot, licorice, and tobacco flavor.


Lyft snus is a very popular brand which comes in all white portions and a wide variety of flavors. What makes it stand out if the 100% free tobacco guarantee. Fiedler and Lundgren produce innovative snus in a mix of portions, strengths, and formats.

You can enjoy multiple flavors such as melon, lime, blueberry and mint with different strengths covering all preferences. For example, you can try the Lyft Ice Cool Mint, which offers a powerful cold taste resulted from the peppermint ingredient mixed with sweet herbs. Also, if you enjoy a refreshing taste, you should check Lyft mint, which balances the sweet peppermint cold menthol in a smooth blend. You’ll find a wide range of Lyft products at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE.

About Thunder Snus – strongest Snus in the world! Thunder! Throw away your cigarettes!

Thunder Snus lives up to its name. The high levels of nicotine ensure a very strong flavor and range from 11.75 to 45 mg/g compared to other brands which restrict nicotine levels at a maximum of 8.5 mg/g. The product is available in 4 variations such as Loose, Portion, White Dry and Dry. It’s a great choice for consumers who enjoy stronger than average snus.

You’ll find portion snus tightly packed in small pouches and loose snus, which you must roll into a ball to enjoy its taste. White Thunder Snus is available in dry pouches which prevent it from dripping, while White Dry Snus shares the same features as the White version but its even drier. Also, you can choose different flavors of Thunder snus such as NRG, which emulates the same taste like energy drinks and its available in White Dry and Portion variants. However, you can also choose other assortments of Thunder snus including Thunder Frosted Slim, Thunder X Slim, Thunder X, Thunder X WD. And, regardless of the product you choose, Thunder guarantees a powerful and long-lasting taste.

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