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Snus wholesale and bulk orders! Nicotine pouches wholesale and bulk orders! VELO nicotine pouches wholesale! Siberia snus wholesale!

Ask us for a snus tender for snus bulk orders! We have all the famous brands such as Siberia snus, Odens snus, General snus, Ettan, Grov, XR, Göteborgs, G.3., Jakobsson, Lundgrens etc. We also nicotine pouches from brands such as VELO, ZYN, White Fox, Killa, Pablo, ACE, XQS, On!, Swave, Dope, Iceberg, Skruf and many others. Contact us by email or phone!, WhatsApp: +46708531326


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At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all the famous Swedish Snus brands as well as the famous nicotine pouches brands.  We ship our orders by UPS, DHL or PostNord. All payments are processed by NETS. All purchases include seller insurance. If you are not satisfied with your goods when they arrive at your place, you can file a claim with NETS and get your money refunded. It´s safe for you. It puts some pressure on us to always deliver fresh and high-quality products.

We strive to form long-lasting relationships with our customers. A wide and varied assortment of Swedish snus and Nicotine pouches (more than 300 SKU´s), best prices, special offers, discount codes and promo codes, speedy and secure shipments by UPS or PostNord, secure payments by NETS includes seller insurance, fresh, high-quality products, dedicated, knowledgeable and service-minded customer service are the cornerstones in our snus shop!


The Snus Emporium – the success of a snus seller in the UK

A Serendipitous Encounter

In the bustling streets of London, where people hurriedly went about their daily lives, there existed a man named William Gallagher. William was a peculiar character who had discovered an unconventional business opportunity: selling snus, a type of smokeless tobacco popular in Scandinavia, in the United Kingdom. This chance encounter with snus had the potential to change his life forever.

An Idea Takes Root

William had stumbled upon snus during a trip to Stockholm, where he witnessed its immense popularity among locals. Intrigued, he delved deeper into the world of snus, learning about its production, varieties, and the demand it held in the UK market. Inspired, he decided to bring this little-known product across the North Sea and introduce it to the British populace.

Setting up Shop

With determination in his heart, William sought to establish his snus business in the heart of London. He scoured the city for a suitable location and eventually found a small yet cozy shop nestled between the bustling streets of Soho. The shop was named “The Snus Emporium,” and William spared no expense in creating an inviting ambiance.

The Art of Selling

As the shop opened its doors for the first time, William knew that success depended on more than just the quality of his product. He tirelessly honed his selling skills, studying the art of persuasion and customer service. He made it a point to greet every customer with a warm smile, engaging them in friendly conversations about the benefits of snus over traditional cigarettes.

Networking and Expansion

To maximize his profits, William networked with like-minded individuals who shared his passion for snus. He collaborated with local pubs, clubs, and music venues, offering them a percentage of his sales in exchange for promoting his products. This partnership not only expanded his customer base but also solidified his position as the go-to snus seller in the city.

Online Presence

Recognizing the power of the internet, William decided to create an online store to cater to a wider audience beyond London. He developed an easy-to-use website where customers could explore the various snus brands, read informative articles, and place orders. This digital presence attracted customers from all corners of the UK, skyrocketing his weekly sales.

Navigating Legalities

William was aware that selling snus in the UK had its legal complexities. While snus was banned for sale within the European Union, it was allowed to be imported for personal use. To ensure compliance, William carefully adhered to the regulations, providing information on maximum quantity limits and personal use declarations to his customers. His meticulous approach kept him on the right side of the law while maintaining a thriving business.

Educating the Masses

Beyond mere selling, William was determined to educate people about the benefits of snus. He organized workshops and seminars, inviting renowned experts to share their knowledge and research findings. By demystifying snus and shedding light on its potential harm reduction qualities, William aimed to change public perception and challenge the stigma surrounding smokeless tobacco.

Financial Success

As weeks turned into months, The Snus Emporium flourished. William’s relentless efforts bore fruit as his weekly earnings surpassed £1500. His passion for snus had not only turned into a profitable venture but also paved the way for a positive change in people’s lives.

Wholesale Expansion

William’s dedication and success in the snus business caught the attention of wholesale distributors. Recognizing the potential of snus in the UK market, they approached William with enticing offers. They proposed a partnership that would allow him to purchase snus at wholesale prices, significantly lower than the prices listed on his webshop.

Negotiating the Deal

Excited about the prospect of expanding his business, William engaged in negotiations with the wholesale distributors. After careful consideration, he struck a deal that would grant him a generous discount of up to 25% off the regular price list. This remarkable discount would enable him to increase his profit margins and attract more customers, both retail and wholesale.

Passing on the Savings

Eager to share the benefits of this new partnership with his loyal customers, William updated his webshop to reflect the discounted prices. He sent out newsletters and notifications to his mailing list, announcing the significant price reduction. The response was overwhelming, with customers flocking to take advantage of the discounted snus, leading to a surge in online sales.

Catering to Wholesale Clients

With the wholesale prices now significantly lower, William found himself in a prime position to attract wholesale clients. He reached out to pubs, clubs, and other businesses that had previously shown interest in his snus products. Armed with the newfound competitive advantage of discounted prices, William secured several lucrative contracts with these establishments, further boosting his weekly earnings.

Expanding the Business

Flush with success, William embarked on a journey of expansion. He hired additional staff members to manage the increasing number of customers and orders. His shop, The Snus Emporium, underwent a renovation to accommodate the growing demand. William also extended his partnership with local pubs and clubs, ensuring a steady supply of snus for their patrons.

Becoming a Wholesale Hub

Word of William’s wholesale prices spread throughout the snus community in the UK. Wholesalers and retailers alike recognized the incredible savings available through The Snus Emporium. They flocked to William’s shop and website, establishing him as a prominent wholesale hub for snus in the country. His reputation grew, and his weekly earnings soared beyond his initial projections.

Maintaining Quality and Service

Despite the exponential growth, William remained committed to maintaining the quality and service that had earned him success in the first place. He carefully vetted new suppliers to ensure the authenticity and freshness of his snus products. His dedicated staff provided excellent customer service, answering queries promptly and efficiently. William knew that customer satisfaction was the key to sustaining his flourishing business.

The Legacy Continues

As years passed, William’s snus empire continued to thrive. His wholesale business became a benchmark for others in the industry, and he inspired a new generation of snus enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs. His passion for snus had not only transformed his life but had also revolutionized the way people perceived and accessed smokeless tobacco in the UK.


From a chance encounter in Stockholm to becoming a trailblazer in the snus industry, William Gallagher’s journey showcased the power of determination, innovation, and adaptability. His ability to secure discounted wholesale prices propelled his business to new heights, while his commitment to customer satisfaction solidified his reputation as a trusted snus seller. The Snus Emporium became a symbol of success, forever etching William’s name in the annals of the UK’s snus history.


VELO nicotine pouches wholesale

Velo Nicotine Pouches: A Popular Choice with Great Wholesale Opportunities

Introduction to Velo Nicotine Pouches

In recent years, Velo nicotine pouches have gained significant popularity among nicotine users seeking a smoke-free alternative. These small, discreet pouches contain nicotine and are placed under the upper lip, providing a convenient and enjoyable experience. With their rising demand and appeal, Velo nicotine pouches present a lucrative opportunity for wholesalers in the tobacco industry.

The Appeal of Velo Nicotine Pouches

Velo nicotine pouches have captivated users for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a smokeless and odorless experience, making them a discreet choice for nicotine consumption. This quality has made Velo pouches particularly appealing to individuals in settings where smoking or vaping may be restricted or socially discouraged. Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Versatility and Convenience

One key factor contributing to the popularity of Velo nicotine pouches is their versatility. They are available in various flavors and nicotine strengths, catering to a wide range of preferences. Whether someone desires a refreshing minty taste or a fruity burst of flavor, Velo offers options to suit every palate. Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Moreover, the convenience of Velo pouches cannot be overstated. They come in individual, sealed pouches, making them easy to carry and use on-the-go. This portability has made Velo pouches an attractive choice for those leading busy lifestyles who seek a quick and hassle-free nicotine experience. Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Health Considerations

Velo nicotine pouches also provide health benefits compared to traditional smoking. As they are smokeless, they eliminate the harmful effects associated with tobacco combustion, such as inhaling toxic chemicals and tar. This harm reduction aspect has contributed to the increasing popularity of Velo pouches among health-conscious individuals seeking a safer nicotine alternative, Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Expanding Market Demand

The market demand for Velo nicotine pouches has been steadily growing. Not only do existing tobacco consumers turn to Velo as a more convenient and discreet option, but the product has also attracted new users who are curious about the nicotine experience without the drawbacks of smoking or vaping. The broad appeal and increasing acceptance of nicotine pouches have created a robust and expanding market, presenting immense opportunities for wholesalers. Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Attractive Wholesale Prospects

Wholesalers in the tobacco industry can capitalize on the popularity of Velo nicotine pouches. The rising demand and broad consumer base make Velo an attractive product to include in their inventory. By partnering with Velo as a wholesale distributor, businesses can tap into a rapidly growing market and establish themselves as reliable suppliers of this sought-after nicotine alternative. Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Competitive Pricing and Profit Margins

One of the main advantages for wholesalers is the potential for competitive pricing and favorable profit margins. Velo nicotine pouches are cost-effective to produce, and by working directly with the manufacturer, wholesalers can negotiate advantageous pricing structures. This allows them to offer competitive rates to retailers while still maintaining healthy profit margins, making Velo an attractive addition to their wholesale portfolio. Velo nicotine pouches wholesale!

Brand Recognition and Marketing Support

Velo has invested in building a strong brand identity and marketing presence. As a wholesaler, partnering with an established and recognized brand like Velo brings inherent benefits. Wholesalers gain access to Velo’s marketing materials, which can be shared with retailers to enhance product visibility and drive sales. The strong brand recognition associated with Velo nicotine pouches helps wholesalers attract potential retailers and build trust with customers.

Increasing Retailer Demand

Retailers, too, are recognizing the potential of Velo nicotine pouches and their growing consumer base. The versatility, convenience, and health-conscious appeal of Velo make it an appealing addition to their product offerings.


Siberia Snus: A Popular and Lucrative Opportunity for Wholesalers

Introduction to Siberia Snus

Siberia Snus, a brand originating from Sweden, has gained significant popularity among snus enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for its strong nicotine content and intense flavor, Siberia Snus offers a unique and stimulating experience. Wholesalers in the tobacco industry can leverage the growing demand and reputation of Siberia Snus to capitalize on a lucrative business opportunity.

The Appeal of Siberia Snus

Siberia Snus has garnered a devoted following for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it is celebrated for its potent nicotine strength. With nicotine levels ranging from 24 mg/g to an astonishing 43 mg/g, Siberia Snus caters to those seeking an intense nicotine experience. This high nicotine concentration has made Siberia Snus a preferred choice for individuals accustomed to strong tobacco products or looking for an extra kick.

Flavor Variety and Quality

In addition to its nicotine strength, Siberia Snus offers a diverse range of flavors that appeal to a broad audience. From traditional tobacco flavors to innovative combinations like Siberia Red and Siberia Brown, the brand caters to different taste preferences. Siberia Snus maintains a commitment to quality, ensuring that each pouch delivers a consistent and enjoyable flavor experience. Siberia snus wholesale!

Unique Packaging and Presentation

Siberia Snus stands out with its distinctive packaging and presentation. The iconic Siberian tiger logo, bold design, and striking colors create a visually appealing product that catches the eye. The attention to detail in packaging not only enhances the product’s aesthetics but also contributes to the brand’s overall appeal and recognition among consumers. Siberia snus wholesale!

Health Considerations

While tobacco consumption carries inherent health risks, Siberia Snus presents potential advantages over traditional smoking. As a smokeless product, snus eliminates the harmful effects associated with inhaling tobacco smoke, such as lung damage and exposure to carcinogens. This harm reduction aspect has contributed to the growing popularity of Siberia Snus among individuals seeking a less harmful alternative to smoking. Siberia snus wholesale!

Expanding Market Demand

The demand for Siberia Snus has been steadily increasing, both within Sweden and internationally. The brand has garnered a dedicated following of snus enthusiasts who appreciate its strong nicotine content and unique flavors. Additionally, as snus gains popularity as a smoking cessation aid, an increasing number of individuals are turning to Siberia Snus as a less harmful nicotine alternative. The expanding market demand presents wholesalers with a prime opportunity to meet the growing consumer need. Siberia snus wholesale!

Profitable Wholesale Prospects

Wholesalers in the tobacco industry can tap into the immense potential of Siberia Snus. The brand’s popularity and growing demand make it an attractive product to include in their inventory. By partnering with Siberia Snus as a wholesale distributor, businesses can capitalize on the rising market demand and position themselves as reliable suppliers of this sought-after snus brand. Siberia snus wholesale!

Competitive Pricing and Profit Margins

Wholesalers can benefit from competitive pricing and favorable profit margins when dealing with Siberia Snus. As a renowned brand, Siberia Snus has established efficient manufacturing processes, enabling wholesalers to negotiate favorable pricing structures. This allows them to offer competitive rates to retailers while still maintaining healthy profit margins, making Siberia Snus an enticing addition to their wholesale portfolio. Siberia snus wholesale!

Brand Recognition and Marketing Support

Siberia Snus has invested in building a strong brand identity and marketing presence. As a wholesaler, partnering with an established and recognized brand like Siberia Snus brings inherent benefits. Wholesalers gain access to Siberia Snus’s marketing materials, which can be shared with retailers to enhance product visibility and drive sales


Snus Wholesale Europe: Rapid Growth and Potential Earnings for Snus Sellers

Introduction to Snus Wholesale in Europe

Snus, a smokeless tobacco product popular in Scandinavia, has witnessed rapid growth in its wholesale market throughout Europe. The unique characteristics of snus, coupled with changing attitudes towards tobacco consumption, have contributed to its expanding popularity. Snus sellers have the opportunity to capitalize on this growth and generate substantial earnings each month.

Factors Driving Snus Wholesale Growth

Several factors have fueled the rapid growth of snus wholesale in Europe. Firstly, the increasing awareness of the potential health risks associated with smoking has led many individuals to seek alternatives. Snus offers a smokeless and less harmful option, making it an attractive choice for nicotine users who wish to reduce their exposure to harmful substances.

Additionally, changing social attitudes towards tobacco use have played a significant role. Smoking restrictions in public places and the growing social stigma associated with smoking have pushed consumers towards discreet and smokeless alternatives like snus. This shift has created a burgeoning market for snus products. Snus wholesale Europe!

Expansion of Snus Brands and Variety

The growth of snus wholesale in Europe is also driven by the expanding range of snus brands and flavors available. Major manufacturers have introduced a wide variety of snus products, catering to diverse consumer preferences. From traditional tobacco flavors to innovative combinations, the extensive selection appeals to both new and experienced snus users.

Increasing Consumer Awareness and Demand

The rising consumer awareness and demand for snus have played a crucial role in its wholesale growth. As more people discover the benefits of snus, the demand for these products continues to rise. The convenience, discreetness, and potentially reduced health risks associated with snus have resonated with consumers, leading to an exponential increase in demand. Snus wholesale Europe!

Expanding Distribution Channels

Snus wholesalers in Europe have benefited from the expansion of distribution channels. Online platforms and e-commerce have made snus products easily accessible to a broader customer base. Wholesalers can now reach customers beyond their local areas and expand their market reach, tapping into the growing snus demand across Europe. Snus wholesale Europe!

Lucrative Earnings Potential for Snus Sellers

Snus sellers who tap into the thriving wholesale market can achieve significant earnings each month. The potential earnings depend on various factors, including the size of the customer base, the volume of sales, and profit margins. On average, successful snus sellers can generate earnings ranging from a few thousand euros to tens of thousands of euros per month. Snus wholesale Europe!

Establishing a Strong Customer Base

To maximize earnings, snus sellers must focus on building and maintaining a strong customer base. This involves targeted marketing efforts to raise brand awareness, exceptional customer service to cultivate loyalty, and strategic partnerships with retailers and distribution networks. By establishing a reputable brand and meeting customer needs consistently, snus sellers can secure a steady stream of sales and increase their earnings potential.

Leveraging Wholesale Discounts and Profit Margins

Snus sellers can enhance their earnings by leveraging wholesale discounts and favorable profit margins. By purchasing snus products at wholesale prices, sellers can benefit from reduced costs, allowing for a more competitive retail price. Negotiating favorable terms with suppliers and optimizing operational efficiency can further increase profit margins, resulting in higher overall earnings.

Navigating Legal and Regulatory Landscape – Snus wholesale Europe!

It is essential for snus sellers to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding tobacco products in Europe. Each country may have specific regulations regarding the sale, import, and distribution of snus. Ensuring compliance with these regulations not only safeguards the business but also establishes trust and credibility with customers and suppliers. Snus wholesale Europe!


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