Swedish snus and nicotine pouches!

Swedish snus and nicotine pouches!

Swedish snus and nicotine pouches!

Swedish snus and nicotine pouches!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major brands of Swedish snus and Swedish nicotine pouches. We strive to have a broad and varied assortment, fair and descent prices, always shave some Swedish snus on Sale!, a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service, speedy and fast shipping by UPS and secure payments by PayPal including seller insurance for your safety.

All shipments by UPS comes with a tracking number. You will receive the tracking number by email from UPS when we have created your shipping label.It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door.

Swedish snus

Swedish snus is a large part of Swedish culture. Snus has been used for close to 500 years in Sweden. Swedish snus is available in loose format, the old traditional style, and in tobacco portion pouches. The first Swedish snus in tobacco pouches, Tre Ankare, was launched in the 1970´s by SWEDISH MATCH, the leading snus manufacturer in Sweden. The development of tobacco pouches has led to a shift where more people started to use Swedish snus. The tobacco pouches took away the “brown, black and muddy” stuff from the fingers when using loose format snus. Suddenly it became popular to use Swedish snus in office´s, boardrooms and amongst females.

Swedish nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches, free from tobacco whatsoever, have been on the market less than a decade. In the US, ZYN pouches have made a tremendous success since it was launched six years ago. In Europe, LYFT pouches were developed a couple of years ago. The producer Fiedler&Lundgren made a switch from EPOK snus, removed the tobacco, and then, LYFT pouches were born. It´s fair to say that LYFT nicotine pouches today are the most popular nicotine pouch on the market in Europe. Nowadays, there are a lot of different brands when it comes to nicotine pouches to choose between. Prominent brands are ZYN, LYFT, SKRUF, WHITE FOX, On! Those and many others you will find in our shop.

Buy SWEDISH SNUS in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong!

We sell Swedish snus and nicotine pouches worldwide! Some exceptions, we don´t sell snus and nicotine pouches within Sweden and we don´t sell snus to member states within EU due to legislation.

Buy ZYN pouches in Seoul and South Korea!

Nicotine pouches have made an interesting journey. More and more young people start to use them instead of going into smoking cigarettes. And a lot of people previously using cigarettes have been helped by nicotine pouches to quit smoking.

Find your SWEDISH SNUS on Sale online!

Yes, we actually always keep some Swedish snus on Sale! We rotate the different snus on Sale from time to time.


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