Tobacco pouches in Swedish snus

Tobacco pouches in Swedish snus

Tobacco pouches in Swedish snus

Tobacco pouches in Swedish snus

Swedish snus, in the old traditional style, is a moistened fine-grained smokeless tobacco added with salts and water in loose format. Each snus brand and/or snus item get its own special taste from spices or flavors. In the 1970´s SWEDISH MATCH, the leading snus manufacturer in Sweden, started to produce Swedish snus in tobacco pouches. First out, the classic brand, Tre Ankare. It was an instant success. Nowadays, the main consumption of Swedish snus is in the tobacco pouch format.

Tobacco pouches formats develops constantly

The tobacco pouches revolutionized the use of Swedish snus. It wasn´t necessary to bake the loose format prilla, i.e. you didn´t need to get black or brown on your fingers or “muddy” anymore. Swedish snus started to enter the offices and the boardrooms. The popularity to use tobacco pouches grew rapidly. So did the innovations of the tobacco pouches. At the beginning, tobacco pouches were available in a large portion pouch size. Innovative guys and girls at the manufacturers soon figured it out, females prefer smaller tobacco pouches. Not only females by the way, also the office people wanted a more discreet tobacco pouch to out under their upper lip. From the original large tobacco pouch the steps towards slim, super slim and mini formats wasn´t long. The slim tobacco pouches are more discreet than the large tobacco pouch. It has the same length, but doesn´t fill up as much as the large one. Super slim and mini formats are what their names indicate, even less discreet and smaller.

What tobacco pouch formats are available?

  1. Large tobacco pouch
  2. Slim tobacco pouch
  3. Super Slim tobacco pouch
  4. Mini tobacco pouch

Tobacco pouches from Sweden

Nowadays, you will find more or less all famous Swedish snus brands in one or many different tobacco pouch formats. The tobacco pouch concept has also been a fundamental experience when the manufacturers have developed the nicotine pouches, such as ZYN, LYFT, White Fox, Skruf and many others.

Buy tobacco pouches from Swedish snus online!

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Where can I buy Swedish snus?

Well, of course, we recommend you to buy Swedish snus in our shop.





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