What is Nicokick? – FAQ

What is Nicokick?

What is Nicokick?

What is Nicokick?

Nicokick is tobacco free pouches made of plant fibers added with extracted nicotine and flavors. Using Nicokick you can be sure you will not use any tobacco. Nicokick are available in many different brands. You can get your nicokick from brands such as the most popular one´s:

#1 ZYN nicotine pouches

#2 LYFT nicotine pouches

#3 White Fox nicotine pouches

#4 ACE nicotine pouches

#5 KILLA nicotine pouches

#6 Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches

#7 SKRUF nicotine pouches

#8 LOOP nicotine pouches

The tobacco-free dip segment is quite new. Nicotine pouches without tobacco, so-called tobacco-free dip, has been available more or less a decade. In the US, ZYN was launched in 2014. Starting out on the west coast, it took off rapidly and grow fast. ZYN is now the most popular Nicokick brand in the US, now available all over the USA. In Europe, the EPOK Snus were transformed to LYFT nicotine pouches just 4 years ago. Taking out the tobacco and making a tobacco-free dip, has been a huge success. LYFT nicotine pouches are by far the most popular nicokick brand in Europe.

The tobacco-free dip segment grows rapidly. New brands, new flavors, new strengths are entering the market in a very fast pace at the moment. Still, ZYN and LYFT keep pole positions in the tobacco free snus market, but the competition increase dramatically driving the prices downwards.

White Fox nicotine pouches are very popular in Australia, New Zealand and in Europe. The strong nicopods from Killapods, with its Killa snus and Pablo Ice Cold, are very popular nicokick amongst those who prefer really strong nicokick pouches.

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