White Fox Australia!

White Fox Australia!

White Fox Australia!

White Fox Australia!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major Swedish brands of Snus and nicotine pouches without tobacco. We sell worldwide to both private individuals as well as too wholesaler´s and distributors of Snus and Nicotine pouches. One of the most popular nicotine pouches in Australia and in New Zealand are White Fox pouches. The quite new Swedish innovation from the Swedish producer GN Tobacco has made huge success all over the World. Especially in NZ and AUS.

We ship all our orders by UPS.

White Fox pouches – cheap in Australia and NZ when you buy online! White Fox $3.72 per can! Whitefox! Whitefox NZ! Whitefox Australia!

White Fox Australia and Snus in Australia! Your supplier of Nicotine pouches and Snus in Australia is SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE!

We strive to form long lasting relationships with our customers. Great prices, speedy shipments, fresh and high-quality products and a knowledgeable and dedicated customer service are cornerstone´s at our place. Welcome to join us!

White Fox Red – nicotine pouches for tomorrow in NZ and Australia!

White Fox Full Charge is one of the latest news from GN Tobacco! Fresh peppermint flavor with large portions. The most popular White Fox nicotine pouches on the market!

White Fox Blue – nicotine pouches for tomorrow in NZ and Australia!

White Fox Portion is the latest in all white from GN Tobacco! With its cooling mint taste, you get a snus without tobacco but with nicotine! The snus comes in slim, elongated portions that are optimized for a good fit.

White Fox Green – nicotine pouches for tomorrow in NZ and Australia!

White Fox Double mint is the latest in all white from Gajane. White Fox Double mint a completely white portion without tobacco and with a fresh taste of mint menthol.

White Fox Black – nicotine pouches for tomorrow in NZ and Australia!

White Fox Black comes with flavors of dark “tobacco”, a little smoky and a fresh after taste of rose.

White Fox Peppered Mint – nicotine pouches for tomorrow in NZ and Australia!

The new White Fox Peppered Mint has both a taste of cooling peppermint and hot black pepper.

Smokeless tobacco in Australia and in NZ! Snus in Australia! Snus in NZ! Nicotine pouches and nicotine patches in Australia! 

Smokeless tobacco refers to tobacco products that are consumed by means other than smoking/burning, and can be used nasally or orally. Common forms of smokeless tobacco include:

  • Snuff, which is finely ground tobacco that can be purchased moist or dry. It is available loose, in dissolvable lozenges or strips, or in tea bag-like sachets. Moist snuff, or ‘snus’, is placed between the user’s cheek and gums or behind the upper or lower lip allowing nicotine to be absorbed through the oral mucous membranes. Dry snuff can be inhaled into the nose.
  • Chewing tobacco, which consists of shredded tobacco in the form of loose leaves, plugs (bricks), or twists of rope. A piece of tobacco is placed between the cheek and lower lip, usually toward the back of the mouth, and can be chewed or held in place.4

Oral tobacco was briefly marketed in Australia during the 1980s, however all smokeless tobacco products were subsequently banned in several states during the late 1980s. A permanent federal ban on the manufacture, importation and commercial supply of the products came into effect in June 1991, although consumers are able to privately import up to 1.5 kilograms of smokeless tobacco into Australia. In mid-2006 there was a significant increase in taxation on these products, from $2.30/kg to $300.39/kg, taking the customs duty into line with that in all other tobacco products.

This regulatory framework allows current users to access smokeless tobacco, while discouraging uptake by non-tobacco users (especially young people).7 Some health experts advocate wider availability of smokeless tobacco, arguing that these products have the potential to reduce tobacco-related disease, and that it is nonsensical that the most harmful form of tobacco product (cigarettes) is subject to far fewer restrictions. Reducing taxes and allowing commercial importation and supply could potentially promote reduced harm among smokers who switch to smokeless products. Others are more wary, citing potential for dual use (i.e., the use of smokeless products in smokefree areas) and concern that the tobacco industry may use covert advertising techniques to promote uptake by young people.

LYFT nicotine pouches in Australia! LYFT pouches in NZ! LYFT pouches in New Zealand! LYFT pouches in Australia!

Meet LYFT, an all-white and tobacco free brand that since its debut in 2019 has taken the world with storm! Its big and varied selection of discreet nicotine pouches has something to offer for every taste and strength preference. Prepare for a fresh and upLYFTing experience!


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