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The Swedish tobacco free dip Zyn is now sold in the United States. For ten months, ZYN pouches have been available for purchase in all 50 states. It’s been so good that in July an American competitor, British American Tobacco, launched its own tobacco free dip, Velo. Since the end of March, Swedish tobacco free dip can be purchased at the tobacco stores in New York. Zyn pocuhes, a tobacco free dip is manufactured by Swedish Match, was launched this spring and sales have gone well. In April 2019, Zyn pouches were available in 33,000 stores and by the end of the year Swedish Match plans to have Zyn pouches at 60,000 outlets in the US according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri.

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Zyn pouches sell well, this is confirmed by Andy Swanson, who works in a tobacco shop on Broadway up in Washington Heights. – It’s very new, but many people still buy it, says Andy. Zyn advertising is on the door to each and every tobacco shop. Several competing tobacco companies are now presenting similar products. British American Tobacco launched its own tobacco free dip, Velo, in July this year. Swiss tobacco company Burger Sohne also plans to increase its sales of the tobacco free dip On! in the U.S. The introduction of more tobacco free nicotine products is likely due to a decline in cigarette sales, according to CNBC. The demand for cigarettes is declining faster than the tobacco companies expected and companies are trying to broaden their supply to reach a wider audience. Stina Andersson has lived in New York for six years. During a summer at home in Stockholm, she decided to quit smoking and then began to sniff. “I was going to stop sniffing when I came back to the US this fall,” she says. There was no snuff to buy here, so it would only be so, naturally. Instead, she bought two logs of snus from Sweden from SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE and has since then continued to buy two rolls each month. Stina has now been using ZYN pouches for three years. But she only bought snus here in New York once. I buy ZYN online, it´s cheaper, simpler and I can choose among a lot of different ZYN flavors and strengths! It helps me a lot to buy ZYN online since I can choose among all available ZYN flavors and strengths. Then, I must admit, it´s much cheaper to buy ZYN online vs in convenience stores or at retail.

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– I was so shocked when I saw Zyn in the shop! She says. So I bought a box, even though I had a lot at home, imported from Sweden. A box of Zyn costs between $ 5.5 and $ 8 in New York’s tobacco stores. At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE she can buy ZYN online for $3.59 per can. Sometimes even cheaper, as low as $3.3 per can when they have ZYN for sale or special buy ZYN online coupons. It is significantly cheaper than other imported snus varieties. A box of General costs $ 25. This is because it contains tobacco and the tax is much higher on tobacco products than on tobacco-free snuff. Stina, who works with marketing and advertising herself, is critical of how tobacco free dip is marketed in the United States. For example, she gets advertised on Instagram, where the ads about tobacco free dip has a completely different tone than advertising in Sweden. – Here it is presented as something cool to sniff or smoke tobacco-free, she says. Advertising encourages nicotine to begin with.

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In Sweden, Zyn is sold as a substitute for regular snus, as a way to quit tobacco, it is much better. Stina believes that the reason for the marketing strategy is that people in the US have a different attitude to snuff and chewing tobacco than Swedes have. “When Americans see me sniffing, they are very surprised,” she says. They associate it with redneck culture, only Midwest-stewing chews tobacco. Companies try to wash away that stamp. In Sweden, every other hipster sniff, nowadays. Very you few Swedes smoke. Stina has not heard of companies other than Swedish Match selling tobacco-free snuff in the US. Velo, British American Tobacco’s tobacco-free snuff, is sold according to its own website at 7-11 in Williamsburg, where she lives. – I might test if I see it somewhere, she says. But Stina is crystal clear, I will continue to buy ZYN online!

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ZYN pouches has become a really popular novelty. It helps people quit smoking and is a smokeless pouch without tobacco. ZYN pouches are available in many flavors, Cool Mint, Apple Mint, Ginger Blood Orange, Spearmint, Citrus, Espressino, Deep Freeze and Lemon Spritz. ZYN Deep Freeze has a deep freeze effect that will really shock you!, says Stina. I bought it a month ago, just launched in Sweden, and I prefer to buy it online. Not only for ZYN pooches online are cheaper than in the US, also since we have different ZYN flavors in Sweden. And I prefer those ZYN flavors versus the available ZYN flavors in the US. Buy ZYN online – save money! Order and buy ZYN online!

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Well, the ZYN pouches trend started out in Calfornia. Today ZYN pouches are a common view in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego as well as in Oregon and Seattle. Also, where it all begun, many people of Swedish origin, buy ZYN online. Jonas Johansson from Gothenburg moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. -I quit using Swedish snus when I moved to LA, but then ZYN was launched. And then I found out that it was much cheaper to buy 3-4 rolls a month from SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE, so now I´m the trendiest Swede in LA, Jonas laughs. I save at least $80 a month buying ZYN pouches online. I´m still amazed, it only takes 2, max 3 days to get my ZYN pouches from Sweden to LA directly to my door, so it´s also convenient to buy ZYN pouches online. Then it´s also fun to be able to buy some other Swedish snus from the guys at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE. They have a broader variety of snus in Sweden, also in the nicotine pouches segment. Often I rotate ZYN pouches with LYFT pouches, they´re a little bit stronger and are the most popular one´s in Europe at the moment, especially the Nordic community in London and UK are more or less all into LYFT pouches as I understand it, Jonas continues. And I sometimes also buy some old traditional Swedish snus such as General and Göteborgs Rapé. Buy ZYN online is a good way to find cheap ZYN. Order and buy ZYN online gives you a broad and varied assortment to choose from.

In Australia, the Swedish backpacker community has introduced ZYN pouches. It´s only possible to buy ZYN pouches online if you´re in Australia. So now a whole lot of youngster´s are into ZYN pouches even down under. And, of course, they buy ZYN online!


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All payments are processed by PayPal. You can pay by credit card, debit card or your PayPal account. All purchases include seller insurance. If you are not satisfied with your package you can claim it with PayPal and get your money refunded. It´s safe for you. It puts some pressure on us to always deliver fresh, high-quality products. That´s the way it should be in our opinion. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Except for great prices, huge assortment, speedy shipments and secure payments, a dedicated and engaged as well as knowledgeable and service-minded customer service is the cornerstones of our company. Buy ZYN online! ZYN price is low!

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In our snus shop, ZYN price often are at least 45% cheaper than buying ZYN in convenience stores. If you buy 30-40 cans at each order, the cost of shipping ZYN will not be more than $1 per can. Shipping cost decreases quit rapid when you buy more ZYNs. It´s quite a long shelf-life of ZYN so you don´t need to worry about expiration dates. Another way to lower the shipping cost per can is to buy your ZYN pouches together with one or a couple of friends.

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