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SNUS in Australia is very popular. The Swedish snus and nicotine pouches from Sweden has become a big market in Australia. Instead of using cigarettes or Vape, nicotine pouches and the Swedish alternative to dip tobacco, Snus, are growing pace Down-under. A lot of Swedish youngsters backpack in Australia and many of them use Swedish snus.

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Snus, chewing tobacco, dip tobacco in Australia!

Buy your snus and nicotine pouches in Australia to state of the art low prices. A can costs between $2-4 per can. We suggest you buy 2-3 rolls of snus to get a quite low shipping cost per can.


Nicotine Pouches

ACE Cool Mint

$3.72 $2.79

All White snus

LD White Strong

$2.66 $1.99
$3.05 $2.26