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Loose snus.

Loose Snus. You form the prilla in your hand before you put it under your lip.

t is perfectly possible to argue that snus is one of Sweden’s most beloved products. The tradition is strong: what – most probably, but also most likely – started with your boy or girl coach in football pushing one loose under the lip at the side line of a muddy seven-man plan has evolved into a diligent portion-sniffing society, where flavored snus in today coincides with timeless classics such as General in the Snuff. Snus engages the Swedish people – and the Café editorial staff. But which snus varieties are most popular? We know this now thanks to a pin-fresh survey from Snusbolaget. In recent years, more tobacco-free snus (so-called white snus) such as Zyn and Nordic Spirit have been added – and, just like nicotine-free snus, sales increased significantly in 2018. White snus sales increased by 255 (!) Percent while nicotine-free snus increased by 20 percent. . From the report it is also noteworthy that the old high school truth that you start to sniff because it is cool does not match: most people start sniffing to stop smoking.

Swedes also favor positively to flavored snus, where flavors of mint, licorice and berries are most popular. In the slightly more expensive snus segment, snus with a taste of whiskey is popular. – Whiskey is the favorite flavor of those who are willing to spend a little more money on their snus. It’s an exclusive taste, so it’s not really that strange, ”says Markus Lindblad, Head of Information at When we sum up the most popular snus varieties – all categories – cheap snus varieties such as Granite, Knox and Caliber are at the top. Somewhat surprisingly, the snuff of the snus, General “only” ends up in seventh place.