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LOOP Nicotine Pouches - Great taste, perfect fit!

LOOP is a tobacco-free dip brand recently launched by AnotherSnus Factory. LOOP has become very popular in a short time. Tasty flavors, perfectly fitted nicotine pouches, a unique design combines the essential elements in LOOP. Well, except for one more thing. This is a damn good nicotine pouches brand!

LOOP are available in mint, jalapeno, lucridis and spritz.

What is LOOP pouches made of?

LOOP is made of plant fibers, added flavors and extracted nicotine.

LOOP has a unique snus can. The LOOP can are made of more than 50% plant fibers combined with recycled plastic. LOOP pouches are truly environmental friendly.

LOOP - the millennials choice of Nickick! 

Available in 10 mg/g and 15 mg/g nicotine. Well, there is a real strong one as well, 20 mg/g nicotine!