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Baseball dippers in Major League Baseball

General Snus

Baseball dippers! Top 10 Most Obvious “Dippers” in MLB.   Baseball dippers by  ERIC DROBNYOCTOBER 15, 2011 Snus near me? Here you can buy cheap snus Baseball dippers in the sport. When baseball isn’t busy being mired in steroids scandals, it’s a hyper-entertaining sport of men who face off against one another with leather gloves, […]

Chew tobacco and Snus!

Chew tobacco and snus

Chew tobacco and Snus! Chew tobacco and Snus! While chewing tobac­co has never to my knowledge been thought very socially suave, in our a part of the planet it’s only during the past forty years approximately that it’s come to be viewed with much opprobrium, at any rate among men. In my rather distant youth in Fort Worth—not precisely the fountainhead of national taste, but […]