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24 K Strong Snus, extremely strong!

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24 K Strong Snus 5-6 times as sturdy as normal snuff. 24 K Snus is extremely strong. With it´s 45 mg/g nicotine per pouch 24 K Snus, the next generation snus, is on top of the strong segment. Strong snus got a massive improve in 2017. People commenced demanding better and higher nicotine tiers and […]

24 K Crystal Snus – the Next Generation!

24 K Crystal Snus

24 K Crystal Snus. Introduction price at, $2.80 per can. Yes, it is definetely the next generation snus, swedish chew. This extra strong tobacco pouches contains 45 mg/g nicotine per pouch. It´s strong, has a delicious taste with hints of spearmint and is presented in a top notch design inspired by the desert sands […]

スヌース Snus to Yokohama

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スヌース Snus to Yokohama 1箱あたり2-4ドルでスヌースを購入。 UPSは、個別の追跡番号を付けて3〜4営業日でスウェーデンから日本に発送します。売り手の保険を含むPaypalを介した支払いを確保します。東京大学、横浜大学、大阪大学、札幌大学、その他すべての日本の大学の学生向けの10%割引クーポン。 Find out more about Swedish snus? Visit SWEDISH MATCH.

Siberia Chew Siberia Dip – Swedish snus

Siberia Snus Siberia White Dry

Siberia Chew, Siberia Dip – Swedish snus It´s strong, extremely strong. It´s good, extremely good. Actually, there is not so much others combining the strength, taste and uniqeness of Siberia Chew, Siberia Dip. You´ll find Siberia Chew at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE, PRICE $3.10 per can. Sometimes you can find it even cheaper at SWEDISHSNUFF.ONLINE. Siberia White Dry Portion is […]

Swedish Snus and Nicotine Pouches?

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Swedish Snus and nicotine pouches? What is snuff? SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE explains snus so every person understands! Snus is a product of tobacco that has been around for a long time in Sweden and is used by many Swedes. Here we provide an explanation for what Snus is. Swedish Snus and Nicotine Pouches. What is snuff? Snus is a wet tobacco product that is positioned underneath the upper lip within the shape of a “prilla”. Tobacco is a traditional stimulant that includes nicotine, […]

Kurbits Morgondagg: Best liquorice snus in the world?

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Kurbits Morgondagg. Of course, probably the best liquorice snus in the world is our own statement. But, we at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE, are completely in love with this new snus from @Kurbits. Fortunately, we are not alone. A lot of our customers has already get true Kurbitser´s, rotate their snus between Kurbits Morgondagg, Kurbits Fäbodsnus, Kurbits Soldatsnus. In […]

Mocca Mint Mocca Lakrits

Mocca Mint Mocca Lakrits

Mocca Mint Mocca Lakrits. The popular Mocca snus has been out of stock from producer quite a while. It will be back in w10 and we will now open up the store so you can order your Mocca Mint and Mocca Lakrits, Mocca snus, again. First shipment will be conducted friday march 6th. Mocca, a […]

Snus helps New Zeeland quit smoking?

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Snus helps New Zeeland quit smoking? Tobacco is 4 times more to be had in low-earnings communities in comparison to prosperous ones, says a Māori health organisation. Hāpai Te Hauora stated increasing the tax on tobacco turned into good however reducing in which it was offered could be more beneficial to Māori. However, one researcher disputed that and said the pleasant aspect for Māori become to scrap the tax hike altogether. Hapai Te Hauora spokesperson Mihi Blair said there was a stark difference in how much tobacco became to be had in extraordinary elements of Auckland. “If you move down Kelston, that is any other low-profits area, around one faculty there are 5 dairies promoting tobacco […]

Can Snus Help You Quit Smoking?

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Can Snus Help You Quit Smoking? Many American tobacco groups propose snus can assist smokers stop. Opponents say it’s sincerely a gateway to smoking. Many American tobacco companies suggest snus can assist people who smoke end. Opponents say it’s definitely a gateway to smoking. In Sweden, one in five men and one in 25 girls use snus [source: Gartner et al.]. Because so many Swedes use snus, Sweden has turn out to be a laboratory for tobacco professionals to look at the position smokeless tobacco merchandise can […]