Best Dip flavors! Mint is no 1

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Best Dip flavors! Mint is no 1

Best Dip flavors! Mint is no 1

Mint has been a popular snus flavor and dip flavor since the 1980s. Now, almost most snus brands have a variant that tastes mint. When it comes to popularity our statistics clearly shows that Mint is no 1 amongst best dip flavors.

Facts about mint The basis of menthol, or mint as it is also called, is an alcohol that one takes from the plant peppermint or mint oils. It is also possible to synthesize the alcohol in lab, but it is a more advanced process. Peppermint oil contains about 50% menthol and it is extracted by freezing the oil to obtain menthol crystals. When distilled these are obtained colorless, brittle crystals with strong peppermint fragrance and a cooling, aromatic taste. Around 10,000 tonnes of peppermint are grown each year and Morocco accounts for over 90% of the entire production. Argentina comes in a clear second place, while Spain, Bulgaria and Georgia share about half a percent. Why does mint / menthol have a cooling taste? In the mouth you have a lot of receptors that react to things that are both above and below normal temperature. However, with certain chemical compounds, the receptors can react to even normally tempered stuff. The chemical compounds, in this case menthol/mint, bind to the receptors and thus make them feel cold. Things that make the receptors feel warm include pepper (piperine) and chili (capsaicin). This is how mint and menthol are used In addition to sweets, chewing gums and snuff, mint and menthol are used for a lot of other stuff. In painkillers, menthol crystals are used to stimulate nerve fibers, in toothpastes menthol is used to kill bacteria and fix better breath, and in nasal sprays and throat tablets it is used to remove swelling and thin out mucus. Menthol cigarettes are another popular phenomenon that broke through in the 1930s. But it wasn’t just because of the cold and the freshness. The flavors also limited the irritating sensation in the throat that can be experienced in smoking.

ZYN Cool Mint, LYFT ICE Cool Strong and LYFT Mint

Right now there are about 60 varieties to choose from, so it is difficult to pinpoint all the prominent ones. But lately it has popped up a lot of All White snus where everyone has a variant that tastes mint. Among other LYFT Ice Cool Mint Slim Strong White Tobacco Portion, ZYN Cool Mint and On! Mint. The All White snuff is completely chalky and does not discolor the teeth, which complements the cooling menthol taste quite well!

24K Crystal and Siberia Dip tastes mint

Two of the strongest snus in the World, 24 K and Siberia Dip, tastes mint.

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