For a long time, the loose snout has been divided into how nicely it is painted. It affects both permeability and taste. That the case is coarse ground is heard by the name. The grinding together with the tobacco-close taste gives the snus its special character.

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The spine in Grov snus is a tobacco character that is dark and clear. For those who sniff loose snus – unlike portion – it is even easier to recognize when the snus is coarsely ground, unlike regular loose snus which is almost always finely ground. The story of Grovsnus began as early as 1840 with Willhelm Hellgren, who with his factory in central Stockholm quickly became one of the competitors of the largest snus manufacturer of the time, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf, the founder and manufacturer of our most traditional snus Ettan. And just like Ettan, Grov snus is one of Sweden’s oldest snus brands, registered as early as 1872. Origin The story of Grov snus begins with Willhelm Hellgren. As a clerk at Aspelin Tobacco Factory in Stockholm, he captured as much experience and knowledge he could only about the tobacco industry, while dreaming of starting his own tobacco business.1840 he realized his dream and within a decade he owned Sweden’s third largest tobacco factory and also had a chain of tobacco stores around Stockholm. At his side he had Umeå-born Johan Bäckström, who in 1844 stepped in as clerk at the tobacco factory W: m Hellgren & Co. He quickly climbed the career ladder and after five years became a partner in the company. In 1851 Willhelm Hellgren left the company and Johan Bäckström remained as the sole owner.

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During the 20th century, Grov snus was established as a brand with its special recipe, which was easy to recognize from other manufacturers’ recipes. In W: m Hellgren & Co’s then portfolio was Gotland’s Rapé, Patent Snus, Dark snus, Ankarsnus and Grov snus. Today, only Grov snus remains. From the tobacco-rich, coarsely ground snuff recipe created by W: m Hellgren & Co in 1872, today’s Grov will originate. Based on the recipe for the loose snus, Grov was launched as Portion in 1983 and twenty years later also as White Portion. For the heavy-duty crusher, there is also today a coarse strong portion. All products in the Grov snus family are recognized by the dark and powerful taste of tobacco.


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