Buy Swedish Snus online!

Buy Swedish Snus online!

Buy Swedish Snus online!

Buy Swedish Snus online!

It´s simple, it´s cheap, with a great taste, a wide and varied range of Swedish Snus, Snuff, Dip tobacco, Svenskt Snus, that satisfies all snuffers´ needs. Fast and secure delivery from our warehouse in Sweden. All orders shipped by UPS worldwide. Secure payment and state of the art personal integrity provided by NETS. Snus, swedishproducts online, Swedish products online, all over the Globe by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door. You will receive an email from UPS when your shipping label has been created. You can then monitor your order all the way from our warehouse to arrive at your place. 

We sell a wide and varied selection of loose snuff as well as portion snuff (snuff in pouches) with a variety of flavors from the leading brands and snuff manufacturers in Sweden. There is a taste for everyone!

Buy Swedish Snus, Svenskt Snus, Swedish Snuff, directly from its origin, the heart of Sweden. Sweden; unspoiled nature, clear waters, lush meadows, infinite forests, Swedish snus has evolved over the years. All of the needs of the hunter, fisherman and farmer in the Middle Ages will meet the needs of the urban population during the 20th and 21th centuries. Let’s be very clear about one thing, Swedes are very proud of their snus, they really love it. Today, about 15% of the adult Swedish population use Swedish snus, snuff. Snus is to some extent similar to moist snuff and dip. And it still grows, especially among younger and females who prefer snuff in front of cigarettes. The evidence of the positive health effects of Swedish snus versus smoking and smoking tobacco is getting stronger and stronger and this harm reduction product popularity is growing. Swedish Snus is distributed all over the Globe by UPS with your personal tracking number.

Swedish Snus in USA! Swedish Snus in UK!

We offer a wide and varied range of leading Swedish snus brands from the most prominent Swedish snus manufacturers. Most well known and popular Swedish snus is Generalsnus, produced by Sweden’s leading snuff maker, Swedish Match. They also produce Catch, Ettan, General Variation, General Kardus, General G3, General G4, General Mackmyra, Grov, Götebougs Prima, Göteborgs Rapé, Kaliber, Kronan, Nick&Johnny, Probe, Röda Lacket, The Lab, Tre Ankare and XRANGE. Winnington supplies us with their famous EPOK SNUS, portion snuff made of white tobacco with several different flavors, actually, they were the first manufacturer using white tobacco to produce snuff. V2 with their brands Offroad, Phantom and Thunder. Fiedler&Lundgren´s Granit, Knekt, Lundgren and Mocca. Skruf, with their Skruf and KNOX assortment such as Skruf Loose, Skruf Loose strong, KNOX with a broad variety in both loose snuff and portion snuff. Smokeless tobacco offers a huge advantage for public health versus other tobacco products, i.e. cigarettes. Some of our assortment is without tobacco and only contains nicotine, so called nicotine pouches with brands as ZYN, LYFT, On!, Nordic Spirit, Skruf all white. These products are sometimes helpful to quit smoking and other tobacco products with postive health effects versus smoking tobacco.  Smokeless is becoming the new theme in the tobacco industry and in tobacco companies due to the changed preference of consumers. Perhaps is not only health risks with smoking and the use of cigarettes, driving the change, snus is easy to administrate under the upper lip and it doesn´t affect your collegues and family. It also tastes good! 

Swedish Snus Online! Buy Swedish Snus in USA! Buy Swedish Snus in UK!

Swedish snus is available in two forms, either as loose snus or in portion snus (snus in pouches). In general, it´s not only General?, Swedish snuff consists of a lot of brands:

Loose Snuff: Ettan, General, Granit, Gustavus, Göteborgs Prima, Göteborgs Rapé, Kapten, Knekt, Knox, Kronan, LD, Mustang, Odens, Offroad, Phantom, Probe, Royal snus, Röda Lacket, Skruf, Smålands, Thunder.

Normal Portion: General Original, Genereal Smoky Oak, General Rustic Blend, General G.3 Exgtra Strong, General Licorice Portion, General Mackmyra, Gustavus Original, Grov original, LD Original, Ettan Original, Kaliber Original, Nick&Johnny Red Hot, Nick&Johnny Americana, Nick&Johnny Desert Green, Jakobsson Melon Strong, Jakobsson Mint strong, Jakobsson Winter Green Strong, Jakobsson Dynamite, Kaptan Original, The Lab 02, Granit Mint, Probe Portion, Knox Original, LD 30, Smålands Portion, Tre Ankare, Grov Strong Portion, Thunder Original, Thunder Ultra Original, Thunder Frosted, Thunder Extra Strong Raspberry, Thunder Ultra Strong Raspberry, Odens Melon Extreme, Odens Doublemint Extreme, Odens Cold Extreme, Odens 59, Odens Vanilla, Odens Vanilla Extreme.

White Portion: General Classic White, General G.3 White, General Strong White, Gustavus White, Kurbits Fäbod, Kurbits Winter, Kurbits Soldier, Kurbits Morgondagg, Lundgrens White, Lundgrens Skåne White, LD Salmiak White, Knox White, Göteborgs Rapé White, Kapten Licorice Large, The Lab 05 Strong White, Tre Ankare White, Knox White, Knox Blue White, Knox Strong White, The Lab 12 Fresh Mint Strong, Nick&Johnny White Strong, Kronan White, Kronan White Strong, Kapten White Mint, LD White, LD 30 White, Smålands White Portion, Thunder Frosted White, Thunder Wintergreen White, Thunder Ultra Frosted, Kapten White, Kapten Mint White, Kapten Juniper White, Skruf Original White, Skruf Mynta White, Skruf Cranberry White, Crafted Snus Whisky White, Odens Double Mint White, Odens Pure Wintergreen Extreme White, Odens Cold Extreme White, Odens Vanilla White, Odens Doublemint Extreme White, Odens Salmiak White, Odens Cold White Dry, Odens Cold Extreme White Dry, Odens 69 White Dry, Odens 69 Extreme White Dry.

Mini Portion: General Mini White, General Mini Original, General Classic White Mini, Catch Original Licorice Mini, Göteborgs Rapé Mini White, Mocca Mint, Mocca Licorice, Jakobsson Melon Mini, Jakobsson Wintergreen Mini, Catch Dry Licorice Mini, XRANGE Catch Slim White Mint, Thunder Frosted Mini.

Slim Portion: Kurbits Slim, Skruf Slim Fresh White, General XRANGE Slim White, General XRANGE Slim, General XRANGE Slim White Strong, Catch Spearmint Long Slim, Göteborgs Rapé Slim White, Thunder Cool Mint, Thunder Wintergreen, Thunder Frosted, Catch XRANGE Slim, Göteborgs Rapé XRANGE Slim White, General G.3 Normal Strength, G.3 Normal Strength White, Lundgrens Berry, Lundgrens Fresh, General G.3 Licorice Mint, G.3 Normal Strength White, The Lab 24 Mint Licorice, The Lab 22 Mint Xylitol, The Lab 02 Original Portion, The Lab 12 Fresh Mint Strong White, The Lab 05 Strong White, The Lab 06 Extra Strong, The Lab 97 Extra Strong White, The Lab 13 Formula+, Lundgrens Dark Ice, Thunder Longer+, Nick&Johnny Green Ice.

White Portion Snuff: ZYN, ZYN, ZYN, ZYN, LYFT, LYFT, LYFT, LYFT, On!, Nordic Spirit, Skruf, Skruf, Skruf, Skruf, Ice Cool Mint, Winter Chill, Ginger Blood Orange, Applemint, Spearmint, Tropical Breeze.

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