GENERAL SNUS Smokeless tobacco online!

General Snus

GENERAL SNUS Smokeless tobacco online!

GENERAL SNUS Smokeless tobacco online!

General, or General snus (before 1999), is a snuff brand manufactured by Swedish Match. General is Sweden’s most popular snus brand, 74 million cans of General snus in Sweden were sold in 2002. Snuff is marketed both as loose snuff and portion snuff. When the 2012 tax increase was introduced, several of the weight of the general portions was reduced from 1.0 grams to 0.9, but the nicotine content remained the same. However, the weight did not change for snus sold outside Sweden. However, Swedish Match went back to 1.0 grams in May 2013.

The recipe for General snus was first developed by the company Körner & Boman (later J. A. Boman & Co), but in 1915 the state AB Swedish Tobacco Monopoly took over the recipe. Contain tobacco, salt and flavorings, including bergamot oil. [1] The name General has nothing to do with the military service general without general in this case means “general” or “general”. During the 19th century, it was common for tobacco traders call their standard standard snuff “general snuff”, ie “general snuff”. General Wintergreen is another new variety. However, it is not sold in Sweden, but in the US and at various internet stores. The General Dry Mini Mint is another new variant In Norway, in the autumn of 2008, a new variety was launched in the General family: General Sterk (Stark). In the summer of 2009, General Ekstra Sterk came to Sweden in a portion and loose version. The portion snus has a nicotine amount of about 15 mg / portion (14 mg / g of 1.1 grams) and the loose snus 12 mg / g compared to the usual General Portion containing about 8 mg / portion and the loose variant 8 mg / g. General Extra Strong Portion is one of the richest varieties of nicotine on the market today. In September 2010, General was introduced in a completely new format called Long, with elongated pills that fit better under the lip. In Norway, General Long is also available in a more nicotine-strong variety. The general family is the largest on the market with more than 30 products.


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GENERAL SNUS from the same producer as ZYN pouches!

First, they created GENERAL SNUS a couple of hundred years ago, perhaps the best brand ever according to many Swedes, 5-6 years ago they launched ZYN pouches on the market. which has reached tremendous success all over the US.

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