How did Swedes chew tobacco in 2019?

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How did Swedes chew tobacco in 2019?

There are few things which can be as Swedish as snus, tobacco chew, dip tobacco. But how do we sniff and differentiate the sniff between Norrland and Skåne? The Snus Map in 2019 solutions most, and a little more, about the Swedes’ snus habits.

And the clearest bring about and insights the report is that we Swedes now prefer white snus over brown. Some quick facts:

– 45 percentage opt for white component snus

– 32 percent decide on brown element snus

– 18 percent pick loose snus

– 3 percentage opt for the brand new tobacco-loose nicotine infusions

– 82 percent select everyday sturdy snus (9mg / g)

– 57 percent opt for snus from the so-known as Premium and Sub-Premium segments (SEK 35-39 per box)

– Around 15 consistent with cent of the populace sniff

– About half of the snus users are among 25-44 years old

– eight out of 10 snuffers are men

When it involves age and sex of snus, there isn’t always that huge difference around the country. On the alternative hand, there are larger nearby differences in who snuff what. We see, for example, that northerner bouts to a far better degree than others prefer the loose snus. Here, as many as 39 percent prefer to bake their very own stuff. In contrast, we see that the metropolitan regions have taken on the brand new tobacco-loose snuff to a higher extent.

You can buy all major swedish snus brands at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE. Worldwide delivery with UPS and a unique tracking code.  Swedes chew tobacco as always. The leading manufacturer is by far SWEDISH MATCH.

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