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Types of smokeless tobacco: Those who use smokeless tobacco are currently on their toes among the general public. They are like the friend of the school’s victim of bullying: They feel bad, but they turn their eyes away and keep their mouths shut so as not to fall victim to the next pantyhose. And it’s all because smoking is such a cool taboo in today’s society. Cigarettes have been criticized so often and with such authority that users of smokeless tobacco keep quiet, and not just to retain the delicious taste. The global opposition to cigarettes has led many smokers to choose non-smoking alternatives. Some of this is undoubtedly due to the health risks, but it is mainly because you can not light a cigarette within 100 meters of someone without them screaming about junk science before they try to force you to the corner of shame to think about your choice. So if you are thinking about becoming smoke-free, here are some options you may be interested in.

1.Chewing tobacco

This type of tobacco is a semi-dry, hardened and often flavored variety that millions of people like. It is usually cut into strips and / or pressed. You can find it packaged in a variety of flavors, cuts and brands, so there is something for everyone. Chewing tobacco lasts a long time and compared to cigarettes it is very affordable.

2. Snuss

Those who do not use products such as snus think that it is basically the same as chewing tobacco, but they really could not be more different. Tobacco and nicotine are basically all they have in common. Snus is a powdered, moist tobacco product that you place under the lip. You do not chew it, and if you use original snus, you also do not need to spit out the tobacco juice every two minutes. Snus originates from the French snus, which was a tobacco powder that was inhaled.

3. Dipping tobacco

This type of smokeless tobacco shares many similarities with snus. One of the biggest differences is that dip produces a spit that you have to spit out in brown, colored vessels that can scare small children. But when it comes to taste, texture and use, dipping tobacco and snus are very similar. You can find dip in a variety of cuts and flavors. You will also find that you can buy two or three cans of this for each pack of cigarettes. It’s definitely affordable.

4. Modern nicotine products

This is a more comprehensive category where you can consider various products if you want. These types of nicotine products include e-cigarettes, nicotine tablets, chewing tobacco, and even nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum if you want to be technical. But we are mainly talking about nicotine tablets and nicotine chewing gum offered today. They are like a mixture of snuff and sweets. They taste good, you do not have to spit them out and chewing them releases lots of nicotine in your blood, so you do not miss your other products at all. Realistically, smokeless tobacco will soon be slandered. People who are prone to fuss about your freedom will not quit if cigarettes are eradicated. They will also fuss about cheeseburgers, sugary soft drinks and a lot more. But regardless of peer pressure, non-smoking alternatives continue to expand because they are legitimate alternatives to smoking cigars and cigarettes. So if you have been thinking about switching. Then you might want to consider a smoke-free alternative.

Smoking is the single biggest cause of cancer. Not smoking is therefore the best way to reduce your risk of getting cancer. It is never too late to quit, the risk of cancer decreases as time goes by after the smoking cessation. Facts Most people start smoking in their teens and every year tens of thousands of young people start smoking. Although the risks of smoking are well known, 7 percent of the adult population in Sweden smoke daily. More than every other smoker dies from smoking.

Smoking is estimated to cause 90 percent of all lung cancers. But the risk also increases for another six cancers, cardiovascular disease and COPD. Each burning cigarette is a small chemical factory that produces 7,000 different substances. Many of these have known harmful effects on the human body. About 70 can cause cancer. The person who smokes gets in himself a quarter of the smoke. The rest exhale and spread, which makes people in the environment passive smokers. As there are fewer smokers, the number of illnesses and deaths due to smoking has decreased. But still 6,000 people in Sweden fall ill with cancer as a result of smoking. There are more lives than traffic accidents, drugs and suicide combined.

Snu tobacco, Snuss, Snuff, Snooze, the Swedish way of smokeless tobacco is a perfect substitute to help you quit smoking!

Buy snus online and get your snusdirect when you order your snusme products. Snusonline is the perfect solution to get your snuss fast and secure all over the globe. When you are buying snusonline at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we provide you a wide and varied assortment of the best smokeless tobacco products on the market. Where to buy snus? As you understand, we suggest to buy swedishsnus online at the best snusprices available! Snuss pouches is easy to use, no dripping, no spitting, keep your hands clean. The snuspouches are discreet and quite invicible to notice. Somtimes people say Scandinavian snus, Swedish snuff, snuff, snooze, snuss, Snussz, Snusz,all of those are synonyms for Swedishsnus.

Dip tobacco vs Swedishsnus: Snusme!

The biggest advantage with Swedishsnus is the easy to use concept. If you use portion pouches of Swedishsnus, you will keep your hands clean, there is no need to chew, to spit or they are more or less drip-free.

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