Tobacco pouches UK Online!

Tobacco pouches UK Online

Tobacco pouches UK Online!

Tobacco pouches UK Online!

We sell all major Swedish snus brands as well as all the famous nicotine pouches brands. We keep the best tobacco pouches prices on the market. How is that possible? Well, we sell huge quantities of tobacco pouches as well as nicotine pouches. We are cost-efficient and strive to keep up with the competition, having amazing sales on snus and nicotine pouches from time to time. We strive ot build long lasting relationship with our customers. Our dedicated, engaged and knowledgeable customer service are pleased to assist you in any snus and nicotine pouches related matters.

What is tobacco pouches? Where to find the best tobacco pouches prices on the market?

Tobacco in pouches is a very popular form of smokeless tobacco. More than 12% of the Swedish population use snus. Sweden has the lowest rate of lung cancer in the industrialized world. Portion tobacco pouches were first launched in the 1970´s, the first brand with tobacco pouches was Tre Ankare, a brand still present on the market.

Snus and dip tobacco has developed over the years. The old Swedish traditional snus in loose format are still very popular. Nowadays, more than 80% use snus in tobacco pouches. A couple of decades ago, the first version of all white snus were launched on the market. Newer forms of all white snus have been developed, for example, G4, a total white snus including tobacco with no dripping at all.

The latest and maybe the biggest innovation of all? Nicotine pouches without tobacco!

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At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find the best prices on tobacco pouches as well as the best prices on nicotine pouches on the market. All our orders are shipped by UPS. It usually takes 3 days from order to delivery at your door.

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