What Sports dips the most?

What Sports dips the most

What Sports dips the most?

What Sports dips the most?

Top 3 sports when it comes to dip tobacco use:

  1. Baseball (MBL)
  2. American Football (NFL)
  3. Ice hockey (NHL)

Well, first, the use of dip tobacco is widespread among athletes. It´s not only common in the biggest sports at the pro level, it´s widely spread in the junior or lower league levels as well.

Baseball still dips tobacco

You can´t have missed it. Anyone who has seen a baseball game has seen most of the players use it. Baseball and MLB has an old relation to dip tobacco. Already in the early 1900´s tobacco manufacturers were the really big sponsors of the series. Each team had their own tobacco brand associated with them. Since 1993 the use of dipping tobacco has been prohibited in the minor leagues. But it´s still very up-front and accepted in the MLB.

Dip tobacco use in American Football

There are several insights from the locker rooms. It´s common that 50-75% of the players at the pro level are dip tobacco users. Sometimes 75-85% of the players in an NFL team are heavy dippers. Some of them started out early, some when they entered the pro level.

So, it´s not only the famous MLB players that use dipping tobacco. Also, the NFL-players use dip tobacco. Giving Green Bay Packers a new view?

Snus and Dip tobacco in the NHL

Well, it´s a well-known fact, most of the Swedes are heavy Snus users. Snus, the Swedish version of American dip. Though, Swedish snus is stronger in nicotine content, no need to spit or chew, a distinct tobacco taste and not so sweet as the American dip. Swedish snus can you find cheap at SWEDISHPRODUCTS.OLINE, just $2-3 per can.

It´s not just only the Swedes that use snus or dip tobacco. Also the US players often use it, but it´s not as regular to see Canadian players dipping during an NHL-game

Dipping tobacco is also popular in Wrestling!

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What Sports dips the most?






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