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ZYN nicotine pouches takes US by storm. The Swedish white snus success will take the US by storm Swedish Match-prill Zyn is under everyone’s lips. Almost. Now it wants to reach more nicotine-consuming consumers in the United States. The temperature has been further raised around Swedish Match’s tobacco-free nicotine product Zyn. “The main focus will be on comments about Zyn.The first quarter is expected to be quite subdued as Swedish Match has been expecting increased production capacity to start,” Deutsche Bank writes ahead of Thursday’s report. The strong demand in the western United States led the company to once again decide on increased production capacity. The new plan is to double the capacity from the volumes previously mentioned by the company, from over 60 million boxes to over 120 million boxes.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Zyn was located in just over 13,500 outlets in the western United States, and no major increase in the first quarter is not in the cards. The question, on the other hand, is how many outlets added so far in the second quarter, if the new Zyn factory is drawn with some run-in problems and what the roll-out plan for the rest of the year looks like. Swedish Match has previously mentioned that an “initial target value” for the end of 2019 is about 60,000 stores. During the second quarter, on former white geographical patches on the US east coast, resellers of Zyn began to emerge. Although most cities on the East Coast still lack retailers, there are now, for example, about 50 retailers in the New York area with an additional ten stores out on Long Island. North of New York, in New Haven, there are about 30 stores selling Zyn.The tobacco-free nicotine pill has also begun to emerge further into the continent in cities such as Kansas City, St. Louis and Oklahoma City. Even south as in El Paso and San Antonio, there are now a number of stores selling Zyn. In addition to the US market, Swedish Match has so far briefly informed Zyn’s possible travel in Europe. In addition to Sweden, Zyn is currently only sold in the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The journey has just begun. ZYN is on the way to be top of mind and perhaps it will grow the total market for swedish snus as well as take an higher market share as well. Anyhow, we can see a huge increase in sales online to Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay area, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, the whole west coast, but also in New York, Boston and Miami. It´s also gaining more popularity in Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as in Toronto. ZYN nicotine pouches takes a try to get in love with.

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