24 K Strong Snus, extremely strong!

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24 K Strong Snus

5-6 times as sturdy as normal snuff. 24 K Snus is extremely strong. With it´s 45 mg/g nicotine per pouch 24 K Snus, the next generation snus, is on top of the strong segment. Strong snus got a massive improve in 2017. People commenced demanding better and higher nicotine tiers and in the end it turned into not sufficient with robust 14 mg / g and very robust 22 mg / g. Snus from Siberia -80 Degrees become first at the ball a few years ago, and with forty three mg / g it still qualifies for the listing of the most powerful snus varieties.

However, there was even more potent snuff after Siberia’s entry into the market. There are 4 forms of snus that hit Siberia at the high nicotine content. K 24 Crystal snus is one of those hitting Siberia in strentgh. Everyone else from V2 Tobacco and it’s far their brands Thunder and Offroad that do the best. Series X contains a full forty five mg / g! If we examine what we notion changed into a totally excessive nicotine content material some years ago, the nicotine content in X is twice as excessive. If we examine with ordinary strong snus, with a nicotine content material of 8 mg / g, it’s far 5-6 instances as strong!

The new launch of 24 K Crystal Snus is adding another powerful competitor to the extremely strong snus segment. With it´s disticnt character with hints of spearmint, 24 K snus has a huge potential to grow rapidly. The elegant design and packaging will almost secure a top of mnd spot for 24 K snus in those how are in favour of extremely strong snus.

It’s now not simply the nicotine content material of snus that matters.
However, the electricity of the snuff depends not only on the nicotine content of the pills. There are sincerely a variety of other factors that come into play. The perceived strength is influenced, amongst different things, by means of how wet the snus is, the taste of the snus, the shape and size of the portions, the pH fee of the snus and your very own properties. So how a whole lot saliva you’ve got to your mouth, how you sniff and so on.

All of these factors come into play when producers notice the power of the snuff on the cans. As all of us knows, they not need to print the exact nicotine content, so that they use their own systems instead. For example, one to four circles. Two of 4 circles for a normally sturdy snus and four of 4 circles for a very strong snus. 24 K Strong Snus

Since the actual nicotine content is not at the cans, there are other factors you could examine instead. For example, a wet snuff with a high nicotine content material is more potent than a white snuff with the identical nicotine content material. The equal rule applies to the pH price. A excessive pH gives a more potent snus. That’s why Thunder X Portion, which is a more moist snuff, pinches first area in front of Offroad X White Dry.

Therefore, if Siberia’s authentic snuff and Thunder NRG Portion could rank higher on the list, it’s miles debatable. Does the high moisture content material deliver an perceived electricity that is better than the difference of milligrams of nicotine according to gram? 24 K snus,, if you haven´t tried? Just buy it! We have it at our place, SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE! You can also find more snus at Swedishsnuff.online.

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