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Buy cheap chewing tobacco!

Buy cheap chewing tobacco

Buy cheap chewing tobacco! Buy cheap chewing tobacco! Chewing tobacco! We are proud to sell the best cheap chewing tobacco online. At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we have more than 80 years of Swedishsnus experience. Why shouldn´t chewing tobacco be on sale? Well, of course, sellers always want to make some bucks, but we believe strongly in good relations, […]

24 K Strong Snus, extremely strong!

Buy cheap chewing tobacco

24 K Strong Snus 5-6 times as sturdy as normal snuff. 24 K Snus is extremely strong. With it´s 45 mg/g nicotine per pouch 24 K Snus, the next generation snus, is on top of the strong segment. Strong snus got a massive improve in 2017. People commenced demanding better and higher nicotine tiers and […]