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At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major chew tobacco brands Sweden has to offer. We ship worldwide, and since we know you want your chew tobacco as soon as possible we make sure shipping is fast. Some of the top brands we offer are: General snus, Grov, Ettan, Skruf, Zyn, Lyft, Siberia dip, Nixs and many more. All major snus brands, at $2-3 per can. 3-4 days from order to delivery buy UPS. When your shipping label has been handled by us an email will be sent to you with a tracking number. This tracking number can be used to follow your order from when it leaves our warehouse in Sweden until it arrives at your home. All payments are carried out by Paypal and include seller insurance for your safety.

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The proportion of people who smoke every day has decreased since the end of the 1980s among both men and women. Instead, the proportion of daily snus users has increased. Nicotine pouches are growing rapidly, especially among women. Both former smokers and snus people choose nicotine pouches as an alternative. In both Sweden and Norway it is more common for men to dip than women. In Sweden, 22 percent of men dip every day compared to 5 percent of women. At the end of the 1980s, 17 percent of men dip and just under 1 percent of women. Since daily dipping is significantly more common among men than women, the proportion of daily tobacco users is higher among men than women, 31 and 15 percent respectively.

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Swedish snus is the popular type of smokeless tobacco, frequently flavoured with thrilling and scrumptious flavours. It is tobacco that’s neither chewed, spat or smoked, so it does not damage the environment in any way. The snus is placed in the mouth, often between the higher lip and gums discreetly. Because it is discreetly hidden in your mouth it is very socially acceptable. People around the snus user are not negatively affected in any manner by the snus. There are increasing restrictions on smoking, however snus stays clear of these regulations. Snus can therefor be used in no-smoking areas. Snus is a pasteurized product, bacteria-free. As it is practically sterile, it has a protracted shelf life. In fact, if you put the snus in your freezer it can last up to a year.

Best chew tobacco in the USA!

American chew, which is sometimes referred to as chewing tobacco is a smokeless tobacco product that has a long tradition in the USA. It has been produced and used for hundreds of years in the USA. Snus has som similarly to U.S.-style dipping tobacco. The history books are showing its use dating all the way back to the 1400s. It’s positioned inside the upper lip and is either taken in pouches or loose. The big manufacturers are situated primarily in Sweden and thats also where most users live. The Swedish market is developing fast over the world, but rival brands are chasing behind.

The use of Swedish Snus is a big tradition inside of Scandinavia, dating all the way back to the 1700’s. As tobacco cultivation started out to unfold in Sweden, so did the usage of Swedish Snus. This was because i became cheeper and more practical to use than other sorts of tobacco for everyday use. In the dominant praedial society Sweden had at the time, a lot of people would make their own snus. They would dry the leaves and ground them, then they would mix it with water and ad some flavourings. Eventually, snus would make it way out in the world. During the 1800’s a lot of Scandinavians emigrated to the USA, which would help Swedish snus grow.

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ZYN is a Swedish innovation from Swedens biggest snuff manufacturer SWEDISH MATCH, that since it was launched in 2014 has been a huge success worldwide. The tobacco-free nicotine pouches come in a lot of different flavours and strengths. The flavours give a fresh feeling and taste. It is a popular choice for those who want to quit smoking and those who want to stop using tobacco.

ZYN has grown to become one of our biggest selling items and we are truly in love with it. It takes part of a new wave of Swedish snuff and has helped a lot of people quit smoking, whilst still getting their nicotine combined with all the different flavours ZYN offers. At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we like to keep prices low so you can buy ZYN from us for only $2.85 per can. The different ZYN pouches we offer are: ZYN Slim Northern Woods, ZYN Flavors Apple Mint Strong Slim, ZYN Slim Lemon Spritz, ZYN Mini Dry Espressino, ZYN Slim Deep Freeze Strong, ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry edition, ZYN Spearmint Slim edition, ZYN Mini Citrus Dry edition, ZYN Mini Dry Citrus Extra Strong, ZYN Slim Cool Mint Extra Strong, ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry, ZYN Ginger Blood Orange, ZYN Slim Citrus Strong, ZYN Slim Strong Apple Mint.

Buy General snus online!

General, best snus brand ever? General is a snuff brand manufactured by Swedish Match. It is Sweden’s most popular snus brand with hundreds of millions cans sold. The snus is sold both as loose snuff and portion snuff. General was launched in 1866, but you could say that the story began four years earlier. The snus manufacturer Johan A Bohman aimed to produce “the perfect snuff” and for four years the development work was ongoing. He traveled the world hoping to find the best tobacco leaves and began experimenting with different combinations. The result was a tobacco blend of 22 different tobacco grades, with a drop of bergamot oil added.

XRANGE General Slim White, XRANGE General Slim Strong White, XRANGE General Slim Portion, General Mackmyra Portion, General Mackmyra Loose, General Classic White Portion, General Loose, General Extra Strong Loose, General Classic Portion, General Classic White Mini, G.3 Slim Strong Swedishsnus General, General Classic Portion Extra Strong, General Classic Portion Mini, General ONE White, General ONE Portion

The famous Swedish UFC fighter Alexander Gustafsson developed together with Swedish Match the three innovative products: General ONE White, General ONE Portion, Göteborgs Rapé ONE White Portion.


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