Best Chewing Tobacco for sale!

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Best Chewing Tobacco for sale!

Best Chewing Tobacco for sale!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE you will find all major Swedish dip tobacco brands. Sweden has a long and important history when it comes to chewing tobacco. More or less, chewing tobacco is an identity badge for Swedes. More than one million people use chewing tobacco. That of a total population of 10 million people. Chewing tobacco is called snus in Swedish. For more than 500 years chewing tobacco has been used in Sweden. When a lot of Swedes emigrated to the US in the 1800´s they brought the habit of using chewing tobacco to US. But at the very beginning, the tradition was actually originated from native Americans and Columbus brought the habit to Europe after returning from his sails around the world in the late 1490´s. You can use chewing tobacco both in loose format, then you bake your own prilla and put it under your upper lip, and as chewing tobacco portion pouches.

The popularity of chewing tobacco in Sweden has lead to a situation where very few people smoke. Therefor Sweden has amongst the lowest rates of lung cancer in the world. Since five years a new trend has developed since the launch of ZYN pouches. These nicotine pouches without tobacco are often referred to as all white snus. The ZYN pouches are produced by Swedens leading manufacturer of chewing tobacco, SWEDISH MATCH

Strongest tobacco dip in the World!

Siberia dip has for ten years been ranked and mentioned as the strongest chewing tobacco in the world. With 43 mg/g nicotine per pouch this white dry tobacco pouch still is amongst the strongest chewing tobacco´s. You can read more about Siberia dip in this article: Siberia Dip Strongest Dip in the world.

Dipping Tobacco – helps you quit smoking!

Chewing tobacco doesn´t only tastes good and gives you your daily dose of nicotine. It also can be very helpful if your aiming to quit smoking.

Chewing Tobacco Brands!

The most popular chewing tobacco brand in Sweden are General dip. Also chewing tobacco brands such as SKRUF, Grov, Ettan and Göteborgs Rapé are very popular.

Chewing Tobacco in Australia and New Zealand!

Snus is a unique product. The Swedish snus, chewing tobacco, occupies a special role when it comes to tobacco products. The reality that tobacco is not smoked method that the negative fitness consequences of smoking are also completely avoided. But even in contrast with other smokeless tobacco produced and consumed around the world, snus could be very special.

Scientific research conducted globally do no longer say a whole lot to a person who sniffs Swedish snus. How is it that?

In part, snus is in Sweden classified as a food product since 1971. This manner that production takes place consistent with the identical requirements as other foods, with necessities for hygiene, desk of contents, restriction values ​​for potentially dangerous substances. Manufacturing itself also differs from other smokeless tobacco.

Of course, from the Swedish Snus Manufacturers Association, there’s a choice to carefully comply with the research. Recently, several major research had been carried out that sincerely imply that snus can not be said to be mainly dangerous to health. Snus incorporates nicotine and must therefore not be used by pregnant, uninhabited and those with cardiovascular disease.

Given that Sweden has over a million snus, it ought to appear in some form of statistics how snus influences fitness. But there are no signs of negative outcomes on a bigger scale – at the contrary! Sweden is the handiest country inside the EU wherein more ladies than men smoke and Sweden is also the country inside the EU wherein the least number of fellows are suffering from lung most cancers and COPD, diseases which can be strongly associated with smoking.

Myths about snuff
Once upon a time, it changed into warned that snus would cause most cancers, which manufacturers were compelled to have on the warning texts. Because there has been no evidence of that claim, that caution had to be removed. It is now 15 years ago and the instance shows that in a few respects it has been worse inside the past.

So a ways we can say that, primarily based on science and research, there aren’t any major reasons to worry about regarding snus, unless you are pregnant or have heart problems.



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