Best Swedish Snus! Top 10!

Best Swedish Snus

Best Swedish Snus! Top 10!

Best Swedish Snus! Top 10!

Swedish snus is extremely popular in Sweden and in the Nordics. More than 12.5% of the population in Sweden use Snus. Very few people smoke in Sweden. As a consequence, Sweden has the lowest rate of lung cancer in the industrialized world. Snus is also popular in the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland and at the Arabic peninsula.

It´s know more than 7 years since ZYN was introduced in the US market. Tobacco-free dip has since then growed rapidly all over the world. No need to spit, no need to chew, easy to use and totally free from tobacco. Discreet pouches with nicotine made of plant fibers have made a real impact in the world of snus. So, it´s not fair to call nicotine pouches a novelty any more, the development of pouches, flavors, strengths are done at tremendous pace.

To help you a little bit and maybe give you some inspiration we therefor publish the most popular Swedish snus brands as well as the most popular Swedish nicotine pouches. The statistics is from our sales statistics for 2020. Of course, new brands are launched frequently, so we will update this list every half year.

Snus trends are changing rapidly. From first being used in loose format, most people now use snus in portion bags. Snus use has changed. Today, snus can be used in most environments without it being seen as a bit odd. The nicotine bags have made it even easier to use snus, the prills are barely visible and you do not get your hands dirty when you put in a prill.

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Siberia Snus

Top 10 Best Swedish Snus brands!

  • Siberia Snus
  • General Snus
  • Grov Snus
  • XR Snus
  • Odens Snus
  • Granit Snus
  • Skruf Snus
  • Lundgrens Snus
  • Norrland Snus
LYFT nicotine pouches

Top 10 Best Swedish nicotine pouches brands!

  • LYFT
  • ZYN
  • White Fox
  • ACE
  • Nordic Spirit
  • On! Pouches
  • Killa snus
  • Pablo
  • Loop
  • NIXS


General Snus and Siberia Snus is by far the most popular snus brands. Grov snus is a clear third followed by Granit Snus and Lundgrens snus.

LYFT nicotine pouches is an outstanding number 1 followed by ZYN and White Fox. Killa chew and Pablo are on place 4 and 5. Stronger nicotine strengths are a clear trend. Killa and Pablo grows rapidly.

Mint is an outstanding number 1. Mint, cool mint, super cool mint, well, all mint´s are on peoples mind. Followed by spearmint, citrus and coffee. The tropical flavors such as pineapple, melon but also red berries like strawberries and raspberries grows rapidly.

Siberia snus has a reputation of being the strongest snus in the world with 43 mg/g nicotine. Though, Thunder snus actually contain 45 mg/g nicotine. Other very popular strong snus brands are Oden´s snus, Offroad and RITE.

An overall assessment among Sweden’s snus blenders says Kardus snus. Kardus, by Swedish Match, has a smoky, spicy tobacco taste that associates with dried fruit, figs and plums. There is a clear bitterness, balanced saltiness and sweetness, with a ton of cocoa. The aroma contains hints of raisins, strong wine, vanilla and hay. Kardus is not flavored, however, but it is the mixture of carefully selected tobacco that gives the complex taste and aroma.

LYFT Ice Cool strong is widely considered to be the best nicotine pouches in the world! Our personal favorite at the moment is Loop Jalapeno.

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ZYN are the most popular tobacco free dip in the US. LYFT are the most popular tobacco free dip in Europe and the Arabian peninsula. Pablo is the most popular tobacco free dip when you want high nicotine strengths in your nicotine pouches.


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