Buy LYFT Nicotine pouches!

Buy LYFT Nicotine pouches!
Buy LYFT Nicotine pouches Online!

Buy LYFT Nicotine pouches Online!

LYFT snus is a continuation of the famous Epok snus, some state, there is no perceptible contrast. With similar every white segment, same nicotine levels and wide reach in flavors, however, this time 100% liberated from tobacco. These nicotine pockets are the meaning of another snus period, not any more discolored teeth yet with elevated levels of nicotine.

LYFT Nicotine pouches – buy it online! LYFT nicotine pouches in bulk orders! 

The best of the two universes! The LYFT nicotine pockets might be a long way from the customary snus we are utilized to, the long stretches of developments is obvious in the adjustment fit as a fiddle and segments. One other mainstream factor to consider is the climate. LYFT is made utilizing an earth inviting cycle and filaments from Scandinavian pine and eucalyptus.
LYFT nicotine pockets by Fiedler and Lundgren AB have a nicotine level somewhere in the range of 8 and 14 mg/g in the event that you pick the solid or customary quality. Best of all, they have figured out how to keep up a similar fulfilling nicotine and flavor discharge as some other conventional snus. I should state, it is noteworthy! The white pockets stay white even after utilization and feel precisely like a conventional earthy colored snus under the lip.

LYFT Nicotine pouches flavors and strengths!

Lyft’s innovative nicotine portion is one of the most popular on the market. Find your favorite flavors from mint and citrus to blueberries and melons. Chalk-white nicotine bags with a pleasant aroma and fresh flavors.
LYFT offers 9 different variants with full intensity that lasts a long time. Choose between different strengths and get ready for an explosive taste sensation. Our all-white nicotine bags (also called nicotine portions) are delivered in a design-rich box that can be carried all the way, anytime and anywhere.
LYFT nicotine pouches, as Epok snus, arrive in a wide scope of remarkable flavors. In the assortment you will discover blueberry, melon, lime and mint. Try not to stress, they additionally have various qualities, so you make certain to discover one that suits you best!

LYFT – Tropic Breeze, discover your everyday life with a trip to Asia and feel how the tropical fruits mandarin, passion fruit and mango marry. A velvety and soft feeling. The chalk-white portions are packed in nice

LYFT – Ice Cool Mint tops you off with an exceptional quality and a virus contact from peppermint with components of pleasantness and natural tones. A flavor that can undoubtedly be related with the pockets that are white as day off.
LYFT – Mint is an ideal blend of exquisite sweet spearmint and cold reviving menthol. A smooth blend that prods your taste buds.
LYFT – Blueberry is a genuine taste of summer and establishes the pace of blue skies and green fields. The flavor is the thing that you may anticipate; new, sweet and delicious blueberries.
LYFT – Blonde roast is the peoples innovation. With a taste of espresso, this newly launched snus has become very popular.
LYFT – Freexze in the most popular flavor together with LYFT Ice Cool. Everybody wants it, all over the World!
LYFT – Lime, traces of lemon and ground lime strip, making the ideal mix of a prepared sensation. An interesting flavor that makes certain to set up obvious newness alongside a smooth completion.
LYFT – Melon, a tropical amazement with an exquisite melon flavor alongside traces of new, fresh cucumber. The appealing pleasantness along with the newness develops a life-changing taste insight.
LYFT – Liquorice is a remarkable treat for the liquorice sweetheart with a round and smooth taste that detonates in your mouth. A nostalgic blend of anise, smoke and caramel that take you back to great recollections.
LYFT – London Flair is the peoples innovation. With a taste of Hendricks, cucumber and black pepper this newly launched LYFT pouch has become very popular in less than a month.

Buy LYFT nicotine pouches online! 

The producer of LYFT nicotine pouches, Fiedler and Lundgren, has a wide scope of inventive snus in various sizes, arrangements and qualities. There is just something for everybody! Their inventiveness and future thoroughly considering sparkle in their all white snus Epok and LYFT, one of the principal brands to have pockets white as snow without any stains. The most energizing part is seeing what else they will make later on! To discover much more tobacco free nicotine items, look at our total stock of nicotine pouches.

LYFT Nicotine pouches Worldwide by UPS! LYFT pouches near me? Buy LYFT pouches online! LYFT Nicotine pouches in Australia!

We ship all orders by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door.

LYFT News from LYFT Nicotine Pouches!

Today LYFT releases the first of three collections with a total of nine different flavors. The concept goes by the name LYFT / LAB and first out is the collection “SAVOUR THE FLAVOR”, which consists of three flavors inspired by the classic drinks Gin & Tonic, Amaretto and Piña Colada. In connection with the launch, they have collaborated with the artist Josefin Eklund, who has interpreted the three different flavors – as neon artwork. LYFT / LAB is launched today the 11th of June and is available exclusively at There is no doubt that tobacco-free snus is trendy. This applies both in Sweden and abroad. One of the leading players in the industry is LYFT, which offers an effective nicotine experience with all-white and tasty nicotine bags completely without tobacco. New tobacco-free LYFT / LAB The goal of the now newly launched LYFT / LAB is to create an innovative, lively and inspiring brand that supports LYFT and can further develop the range.

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