Swedish Snus from Sweden!

Swedish Snus from Sweden!

Swedish Snus from Sweden!

Swedish Snus from Sweden!

Snus Dip Chew health effects!

Sweden has by far the lowest incidence of smoking in the EU. In fact, in the two European countries where snus is found, smoking is absolutely lowest: Sweden and Norway. According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, it is “broad tobacco prevention measures such as restrictions on the availability of cigarettes, reduced demand for cigarettes and reduced social acceptance of use and an increased availability of tobacco cessation” which explains why young men in Sweden smoke less than older women.

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Snus is thus completely omitted as an explanation for Swedish men smoking less. Another aspect is that young Norwegian women to a greater degree than Swedish seem to have taken up the public health policy / tobacco prevention campaigns or for some other reason have chosen to fimp. Or it is also because more women in Norway choose snus.

The Public Health Agency’s explanation is insufficient. It also rejects the methods used by the state to get people to drink less alcohol or use drugs. Because why is it precisely in “tobacco prevention” that young men are superior in absorbing information, but not when it comes to alcohol and drugs?

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And how come the countries that have managed to reduce their smoking are the countries where there are alternatives for consumers? Could it really be solely due to “restrictions on the availability of cigarettes”? France and Australia have a higher proportion of smokers than Sweden and in both countries snus is banned. We know that some smokers have been able to quit smoking. We know that some snus users have stopped using snus. We also know that many would like to quit smoking, but do not succeed in breaking their habit. But what works for some does not apply to everyone. And obviously snus plays a role in bringing about fewer smokers in a country. Snus makes it easier for more people to change their behavior and make a giant health gain.

Only one EU country allows snus. That country also has the lowest incidence of lung cancer in the EU. The country is Sweden. Is it due to “broad tobacco prevention measures”? How long will the government, the Public Health Agency and hordes of anti-tobacco activists be allowed to live in denial in the face of the obvious? Yes, I’m crazy about this. But I am open to reconsider my analysis if anyone can present a credible explanation. Young men would be more likely to quit smoking, thanks to information?

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At the same time, the state’s efforts to reduce the use of alcohol or drugs are not as successful for the same group. There is a deviation that simply cannot be explained in any other way than with snus. If the Swedish Public Health Agency has instructions from the government to actively turn a blind eye to reality, then the government has problems. If the Public Health Agency acts in violation of better knowledge, then both the government and the Public Health Agency have problems. Solution? To change strategy on the part of the state. In the UK, the authorities are clearly behind the idea that alternatives to cigarettes are better than continuing to smoke.

Although snus is not in itself a health product, snus is not a public health problem, much less a societal problem. The risks of snus are in the same order of magnitude as getting a tattoo; no one can guarantee that it is 100 percent risk free. But all the organizations and authorities that claim to be behind the WHO’s goal of reducing smoking, should note that it is in groups where snus use is more widespread that the goal has already been reached. You do not have to stand up and applaud the Swedish snus, it is enough if you acknowledge the reality.

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Swedish Snus

Swedish Snus has a long history – dating back to 1637 when Snus was first mentioned in Sweden in a customs document from Finland. The basic recipe of traditional Swedish Snus is a perfect blend of ground tobacco, water and salt. Swedish snus is a moistened fine-grained tobacco added with water and salts. New taste experiences and formats continuously complement the product range to add excitement and satisfy the customers’ changing demands.

Swedish Snus flavors

Swedish snus often has a clear and distinct tobacco taste. Swedish snus if often flavored with spices, but some snus is has more sweetened flavors such as coke, melon, mint, vanilla etc.


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