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Buy Swedishsnus

Buy Swedishsnus

Buy Swedishsnus

Are you used to American dip? Or are you already into Swedish Generalsnus? Do you want to quit smoking? Or get rid of your e-cigarettes?

Swedish chew has been a part of the Swedish culture for more than 500 years.  It´s fair to say, Swedish snus is more or less an identity badge for Swedes. Out of a total population of 10 million people, close to 12.5% of the population use Snus. It should be said that smoking is very uncommon in Sweden. It should also be stated that Sweden has one of the lowest rates of lung cancer in the world.

Snus, Swedish dip, Swedish chew, Snuff…

Well, snus as it´s in Swedish, has many synonyms when it comes to the English language. Swedish snus were originally only available in loose format. You formed the snus with your hands, put the prilla (a small ball of snus) under your upper lip and kept it there for 1-2 hours. In the 1980´s the tobacco pouches were developed. Still, many of the famous Swedish snus brands are available in loose format. However, the tobacco pouches are now clearly the most popular format to use Swedish snus. 

As in many other sectors and segments there is an ongoing product development also when it comes to Swedish snus.

From tobacco pouches to all white snus

After the success for tobacco pouches it didn´t take long time until all white snus were launched. Instead of brown tobacco pouches, suddenly you were able to use all white tobacco pouches. The advantages were that you don´t get messy by coloring your hands. You feel that the all white won´t discolor your teeth, which might be the case in some few cases when using tobacco pouches. Also, the all white snus tends to drip less than snus in loose format and in tobacco pouches.

Quite recently, 5-6 years ago, a new trend started out in the world of Swedish chew. The launch of tobacco free nicotine pouches. We have all heard of ZYN, LYFT, SKRUF, WHITE FOX, On! But, actually, there is a lot more of nicotine pouches brands on the market right now. The launch of the Swedish innovation, nicotine pouches, have made a huge impact on the use of nicotine.

How has the Swedishsnus developed?

The masters behind the development? Well, it´s not much arguing if we say that SWEDISH MATCH played a major impact developing Swedish chewing tobacco. To some extent helped by increased competition from new Swedish snus manufacturers such as SKRUF. The last decade a lot of Nordic manufacturers such as V2 (Thunder and Chainsaw) and GN Tobacco with its Siberia dip developed the world´s strongest snus.

Buy Swedishsnus cheap online!

At SWEDISHPRODUCTS.ONLINE we sell snus in all formats, flavors and strengths. We store a wide and varied assortment of the famous Swedish dip brands as well as snus from smaller manufacturers. We strive to keep low prices, of course, we want to make some bucks, but we keep low prices and hope we will fulfill the demands of our customers and form long lasting relationships.

All orders are shipped by UPS. It usually takes 3-4 days from order to delivery at your door. PayPal includes seller insurance for your safety. An easy-to-access customer service is another important part of our business. Welcome to our place!

Where to buy Swedishsnus cheap online?

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