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The history of Chewing Tobacco

It started with Native Americans. In Europe, people have been sniffing since the 18th century. In 1919, tobacco chew sales hit a record in Sweden, when a total of 7,000 tonnes were consumed. Today, more than one million Swedes use chewing tobacco, tobacco chew, dip tobacco, swedish snus, or just snus. Learn more about the history of chewing tobacco.

Tobacco chew in 1492

In 1492, Columbus reach america and get introduced to tobacco chew by the indians. The history of snus extends more than 500 years back in time to Christofer Columbus days. During Columbus sailing west at the end of the 1400s, the crew encounters native americans who introduced them to tobacco chew, dip tobacco and also the precursor to the snuff, or what swedes refer to as just snus. Seamen later began to import this tobacco plant into Europe, and in Portugal in the mid-1500s, doctors began using tobacco for purely medical purposes.

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A French ambassador by the name of Jean Nicot has been of great importance for the spread of dipping tobacco, tobacco chew, snus, among other things the Swedish scientist Carl von Linné named the tobacco plant after him, Nicotiana tabacum. When French queen Katarina de Medici was plagued by chronic headaches, Jean Nicot advised her to crumble tobacco leaves and pull the powder up her nose. The queen is said to have followed the prescription and the headaches disappeared. The tobacco chew miracle cure quickly made dip tobacco, snuff popular in French court circuits.In the 1700´s tobacco starts to be cultivated in Sweden. Cultivations with tobacco plants could be viewed, among others, Skåne, Gränna and Alingsås, where the potato’s father Jonas Alströmer started tobacco cultivation on a large scale. In the mid-18th century, tobacco was grown in some 70 Swedish cities from north to south. The French court and Paris were a great role model for the courts around Europe and soon the snuff smell was a must among the ladies and gentlemen of the nobility. Not having a snuff box in your pocket was unusual in Sweden in the 1700s.

Chewing tobacco grows popular in the 1800´s

After the French Revolution, the odor snuff became outdated and in the early 1800s the Swedes switched to putting a mug under their lips. Many farmers who had their own tobacco cultivation made their own tobacco chew, dip tobacco, snuff. The snuff was below each man’s lips and several local producers produced their own variants of the moist snuff. Ljunglöfs Ettan was a classic produced in the factory in Stockholm, for a while it was Europe’s leading snus factory. Virtually all Swedish snus manufacturers in the 19th century had snus in their assortment with the quality designations No: 1, No: 2 and No: 3. However, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf launched his 1st as his own brand and was the first to successfully launch a nationwide quality product. Ljunglöfs Ettan became a concept. Today, it is still one of Sweden’s largest brands and accounts for about one fifth of all snus sales in Sweden.

Chewing tobacco was introduced to the US by Swedish immigrants – today you can buy it online!

When more than a million Swedes emigrated across the Atlantic from 1846 until 1930, they brought with them Swedish customs and customs, including the tradition of chewing tobacco. The sniffing was so common that the main street in the Swedish-American districts was called the snus boulevard by the Americans. Snuff became one of the Swedes’ identity badges.

The Swedish tobacco monopoly starts in the early 1900´s

 At the beginning of the 20th century, the Swedish tobacco monopoly was started when the state needed to extend cash to strengthen the defense and to the first pension reform. It was exercised by the AB Swedish Tobacco Monopoly (which was dissolved in the 1960s). Chewing tobacco  increased at a rapid rate and reached a record level in 1919 when just over 7,000 tonnes of snuff were sold. Sweden then had a population of six million people, which meant an annual consumption of 1.2 kilos per person.In the following years, the popularity of tobacco chew, dip tobacco, snus in favor of other tobacco products decreased. Above all, American cigarettes became increasingly popular after the Second World War.

THE FIRST PORTION POUCHES CUT STARTS SOLD IN SWEDEN Snuff began to become more popular again in the late 1960s when health risks associated with cigarette smoking were noted in several reports. In the 1970s, the first portion pouches, tobacco pouches, snus was introduced, an important step for the snus to reach a wider audience. Since then, the curve has been pointing upwards in the 1970s In 2020, more than 250 million doses of tobacco chew, swedish snus were sold to just over one million snusers in Sweden, of which just over half are former smokers.

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