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Swedish Snus online

The moist smokeless tobacco powder product that originates from various snuff in Sweden around the 18th century is known as SWEDISH SNUS. The snus, snuff, perfect recipe is the blend of salt, water, and tobacco. The chemical composition of snus varies from one type to another, but it contains nicotine which is very addictive. Snus has high nicotine delivery and absorption. Snus are used by placing it under the upper lip because of the oral mucous membranes located in the mouth which help in the absorption of nicotine and then it is widely available in the bloodstream. It comes in a wide range of snus flavours like mint, wintergreen and many others. It is smokeless and it does require to burn or spit. Swedish snusI is considered less harmful as compared to cigarette smoking and also snus contains clean nicotine than cigarettes.

Swedish snus online

You can buy snus online at SWEDISHPRODUCTS ONLINE. Price per can is in the range of $2-4 depending on brand. In our shop we also sell a lot of tobacco free dip, i.e. nicotine pouches such as ZYN pouches, LYFT pouches and On! pouches. Snus online can also be bought at SWEDISHSNUFF.ONLINE.

Is snus different?

It all started when Sweden thought of ways to preserve tobacco. In the country, snus has lowered the impact of smoking, as most of the snus users were smokers in the past. Although they are not free from health risks, but still, they have helped in reducing the risk of switching to Swedish snus. The snus does not require the need for spitting.

Types of snus

Loose snus

These are a moist powder that can be portioned into small cylindrical or any spherical shape with the help of the fingers and that cylindrical form is called prilla. But with the passage of time and for the convenience of people the loose form has been replaced with portioned varieties. Loose snus still looks the same as it was 200 years before.

Portion snus – tobacco pouches

These are portioned moist powder that came in sachet just like a tea bag. The quality of theses per packet is quite small as compared to the loose snus. Portioned snus is easy to use and is already in portion then to make one. The portion snus has two types. An original portion is a traditional form in which the sachet material is moisturized during manufacturing and forms a brown moist pouch or sachet. The other type is the white portion which is mild in taste and it releases slowly. Its sachet is white because during manufacturing it is not moisturized. The white portion is the name of the style.

Swedish snus is a smokeless-spitless tobacco product. Swedish snus is manufactured under a standard Swedish process that makes it different from the rest of the world which are using some other methods to produce it. Snus is not fermented but it is steam pasteurized. There are varieties of Swedish snus available online and comes with worldwide shipping. In Sweden, snus is widely used and it is regulated as a food item under the Swedish food act since the 1970s. The big hit of snus is the way of getting nicotine without inhaling the smoke into the lungs. That means a significant reduction in smoking and damage to the lungs.

Buy snus online, it´s a smokeless tobacco and might help you quit smoking! Want snus coupons to buy snus for sale, cheap snus? Sure, just send us a mail and we will send you snus coupons 15% OFF on your first order. Buy snus! Other popular names of Snus are:

  • chew
  •  dip
  • swedish chewing tobacco
  •  dipping tobacco
  • swedish tobacco
  • chewing tobacco
  • dipping tobacco
  • Siberia dip
  • Siberia Chew
  • Swedish snuff

Swedish Nicotine pouches

The newest and most recent innovation, and success, is Swedish nicotine pouches. A tobacco free dip in many different tasty and interesting flavors. Available in different nicotine strengths. Launched less than a decade ago, Swedish nicotine pouches have created a new era in smokeless tobacco. ZYN pouches made it to the top in the US. LYFT pouches, previously EPOK SnUs, grow rapidly in Europe and Australia. White Fox pouches boosting in NZ, the Kiwi´s in New Zealand loves it! Swedish nicotine pouches are very popular amongst females.  One of many advantages, you don´t risk to discolor your teeth.

ZYN flavors ZYN pouches

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General Snus for sale WORLDWIDE!

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