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ZYN Nicotine Pouches

It started out in the US. In 2016 it was sold in more than 4 000 stores in eleven states. Therefor the manufacturer, Swedish Match, decided to launch ZYN on the swedish market in 2017. ZYN is a product that consists of nicotine pouches without tobacco.

ZYN grows rapidly in US, California, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Washinton, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, El Paso, Indiana, Idaho, North Dakota as well as in Australia 

– ZYN has been well received in the US and we now want to make a limited launch and see how this product is received by our consumers in the Swedish market. ZYN complements our snuff range and offers a product for the adults who are looking for an alternative to the products currently on the nicotine market, such as e-cigarettes or traditional snuff with tobacco content, says Michaela Bergström, Brand Manager for ZYN at Swedish Match.

ZYN nicotine pouches in New York!

A box of ZYN consists of 20 pills, so-called Niqopods®, weighing 0.4 grams each. The product will be offered in two different flavors and with two different nicotine strengths. ZYN mainly contains added nicotine, starch, plant fiber and flavoring and is produced in Swedish Match’s factory in Kungälv. As the product lacks tobacco, Niqopods® are completely white. In Swedish Match’s own stores, a box of ZYN will cost SEK 49. – It will be interesting to see how ZYN, despite its limited sales reach, is received by our consumers. Nicotine-containing products for adults come in more and more forms on the market, and we at Swedish Match obviously want to be at the forefront and continuously develop our product range, says Michaela Bergström.

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That was only a couple of years ago. Today, the ZYN and it´s nicotine pouches in many different flavors, pouch sizes and nicotine strength has maked an great and important impact of the snus market. ZYN is growing rapidly and the all white segment has been a major reason to increase the total market for Swedish dipNicotine pouches is now available online and you can buy it 24/7 all over the Globe. ZYN Nicotine Pouches, you find it here at the ZYN Store Locator.

ZYN nicotine pouches strengths! ZYN pouches in Chicago!

ZYN consists of nicotine pouches without tobacco and is available at our website, 24 hours a day. At our website, Swedishproducts.online you always can find new exciting news about swedish dip. We deliver swedish dip to all countries all over the globe including shipping ZYN Australia, ZYN US, ZYN South Africa, ZYN Dubai, ZYN Malta, ZYN UK, ZYN Suriname, ZYN Surinam, ZYN Brazil, ZYN France, ZYN New Zeeland. We can now see a boost of the sales of ZYN Los Angeles, California, Seattle, New York, Miami, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Boston, Chicago, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tokyo, Brisbane, Seoul, Dubai, Doha, Qatar, London, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Washington, Baltimore, Phildadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Memphis, Phoenix, Malta, Toronto. You can buy all ZYN flavors online

Learn more about ZYN at https://www.zyn.com/international/en/.




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