3 most popular Swedish chewing tobacco brands!

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3 most popular Swedish chewing tobacco brands! Snus London! Chewing tobacco! Snus Liverpool!


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Original portion pouches

General Onyx Titan


Original portion pouches

General Mackmyra Portion


All White snus

G3 Extra Strong




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All White snus

Thunder X Slim White Dry


3 most popular Swedish chewing tobacco brands! Buy Snus in London! Chewing tobacco in UK! Snus Liverpool! Snus London! Chewing tobacco!

Sweden has a long tradition of snus, i.e. Chewing tobacco.


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Today, the most popular Swedishsnus brands, Swedish chewing tobacco brands are:


All White snus

Lundgrens Skane Strong


All White snus

Lundgrens Archipelago


All White snus

Lundgrens Fjällen



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3 most popular nicotine pouches! Find Snus in London! Buy Chewing tobacco in UK! Snus London! Snus Liverpool! Snus Birmingham!


Nicotine Pouches

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Except for the traditional chewing tobacco there has been a rapid growth in the all white segment, where a large number of brands have established themselves in the last five years. The 3 most popular nicotine pouches are:

  • ZYN
  • LYFT
  • White Fox

These tobacco free pouches are made of tree fiber, added with flavors and nicotine.


Founded a little bit more than 150 years ago, Generalsnus is still at the top.

The recipe for Generalsnus was first developed by the company Körner & Boman (later J. A. Boman & Co), but in 1915 the state-owned AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet took over the recipe. The snus contains, among other things, tobacco, salt and flavorings, including bergamot oil. Bergamot is the signature of Generalsnus. The name General has nothing to do with the military rank of general, but general in this case means “general” or “general”. During the 19th century, it was common for tobacconists call their usual standard snus “general snus”, ie “general snus”.

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Back then in the 1860´s, Generalsnus was to be found in loose format. A little bit more than 100 years later, a new innovation lead to the starting point for tobacco portion pouches. Nowadays, the most popular format to use Swedishsnus. The manufacturer, Swedish Match, has further developed the Generalsnus. First with G.3 snus, a little bit stronger, than lately by G.4, all white snus with flavors.

Granit snus

Granit snus offers a variety of flavors to all sorts of different snus lovers. The variety of flavors, portion sizes and strengths delight experimental snus enthusiasts and is loved for its high-quality tobacco. Manufactured by Fiedler&Lundgren.

In 1783, Samuel Fiedler received permission to start snus production in Sweden. The damp loose snus was then about to become a trend and the odor snus was completely on its way away. At the beginning of the 19th century, they built a factory in Gothenburg and that is when production really took off. Snus production has been flowing well for about 100 years, but in 1915 the premises where snus is manufactured were redeemed by the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly.

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The state simply takes over all snus production in the country to raise tax money for a new pension system and the expansion of the defense. However, the owners refuse to give up and instead move to Denmark. However, it is much later that the Fiedler & Lundgren brand itself is formed. On September 15, 2002, a group from Orlik Tobacco Company and Scandinavian Tobacco Company gather in a newly purchased factory premises in Malmö. The idea and vision were then to try to resume the old snus masters Fiedler & Lundgren’s snus production in Sweden.

XR Snus

XRANGE (XR) is a snus series based on Swedish Match’s most well-known brands and flavors. What distinguishes the XR is the slim format, which tastes longer and flows less compared to our regular prills.

Swedishsnus – a short summary of its history and up to now!

The snus we use today, which is used as a prilla under the lip, has about a 200-year history. Many farmers then had their own farms where they produced snus in homemade snus mills. A couple of hundred years earlier, at the end of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus sailed ashore on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean and saw the natives inhaling a powder through their noses. This was called odor snuff. The powder consisted largely of tobacco and the sailors brought tobacco plants back to Europe, e.g. Portugal.

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In the 16th century, scented snuff began to be used for medicinal purposes at the French royal family, the purpose was to relieve headaches and it quickly became very popular because it proved to work. It was France’s ambassador to Portugal, Jean Nicot, who took the tobacco home to Paris and the royal family. The popularity has made Nicot so associated with tobacco that the Swedish scientist Carl Von Linné named it after him. 1600-1800s: Sweden’s first snus Sweden, like most royal houses at this time, was very influenced by the French and the snuff went to Sweden a bit into the 17th century.

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In Sweden, it was also initially used only by the upper class who handled it packed in expensive cans of various precious metals. After several decades of imports, they began to grow tobacco in Skåne, Småland and also Alingsås, where the potato’s father Jonas Alströmer had a large cultivation. In France, the use of olfactory snuff in connection with the French Revolution disappeared. The association with the upper class was too great and the bourgeoisie that took over power in France started smoking cigars instead. In

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Sweden, tobacco use also changed at this time. The wet snus was introduced and with a fairly cheap production, it took over the use of snus completely from odor snus and chewing tobacco. The production, which was first managed by the farmers, soon became industrialized and a number of manufacturers and associated brands saw the light of day. Snus London! Chewing tobacco! Snus Liverpool! Snus Birmingham!

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Generalsnus, Röda Lacket and Ljunglöfs Ettan was the largest. Manufacturing today does not differ much from that of the 19th century. The tobacco is dried and ground down. Then it is mixed with water, salt, sodium carbonate and flavors. At the end of the production, the snus is fermented at an elevated temperature before it is packaged. The difference today compared to before is that the fermentation lasted up to six months in the 19th century and that only Swedish-grown tobacco was used. Today, tobacco from different parts of the world is used in manufacturing.

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Today, snus is a very popular alternative for those who try to quit smoking. Fortunately, this is because surveys show that this increases the chance of success by as much as 45%. In fact, many people believe that snus is trumpeted as a smoke-free alternative, as it has proven to be 90% less dangerous than cigarette smoking. Snus today About a hundred years ag Snuo, when snus production first reached Sweden, snus users had very few options in terms of taste, shape and size, which resulted in a very limited target group. The big breakthrough of snus came during the 1970s, when the first portion snus saw the light of day. Snus London! Chewing tobacco! Snus Liverpool! Snus Birmingham!

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Since then, a plethora of new, innovative products has emerged alongside classics such as Ettan Lös, and the competition between the very largest snus manufacturers and the new ones is tougher than ever. The huge assortments available today differ not only in taste and strength, but also in moisture, feeling and size. Snus London! Chewing tobacco! Snus Liverpool! Snus Birmingham!

3 most popular Swedish chewing tobacco brands! Number 4, Siberia dip, will shock you!

Well, number 4, Siberia dip. The world´s strongest snus. 43 mg/g nicotine. Siberia Red, Blue, Black and Brown. Try it! It might shock you! Snus London! Chewing tobacco! Snus Liverpool! Snus Birmingham! 





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